Friday, May 25, 2018

S.O.S. Episode Five

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Alaina: Hi guys! How is it going?

Beckah: Oh, hi Alaina! That face you just made is extremely funny. Because of that, I am giving you a surprise present.

*puts a pair of glasses on Alaina*

Alaina: What are these glasses?

Beckah: According to Douglass, these glasses were born on this island. They have been living here for the past ten years and they have matured into some special glasses.

Alaina: Oh god, not this again. Beckah, don't believe in that mumbo jumbo that Douglass......

Douglass: Alaina, I have something to tell you.

Alaina: What is it?

Douglass: I have realized that Beckah is no longer my one true love. You are! 

Beckah: What did you say?

Douglass: I am breaking my marriage proposal to you, Beckah. Alaina, will you marry me?

Alaina: What? Of course not! Go marry Beckah, not me!

Douglass: Sorry but I can't! I love you!

Cid: Excuse me, Douglass! You are not one to state that you love Alaina.

Alaina: Oh goodness, what is it now?

Cid: Alaina, I usually like to be alone as I am a loner. I have no experience with love myself. However, when I look at you, I have a feeling that I could be with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?

Alaina: No! Stop asking me to marry you! What is going on here?

Douglass: Stop it, Cid! That girl is mine!

Cid: No, she's mine!

Cale: Hold it!

Alaina: What is it, Cale? Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the other tribe?

Cale: I'm here to ask you a favor! Can you hold this ribbon for me?

Alaina: Um, sure! Why not?

Robin: Don't do that!

Alaina: Why not?

Robin: Cale told me those were some special ribbons called "Ribbons of Satora". In some cultures, if a man gives those ribbons to a woman, they will have to marry each other.

Alaina: Cale....

Cale: Sorry! I just really.....have deep f-feelings for you.

Alaina: Oh god, why the heck is everybody in love with me?

Robin: Cale, do you know where David is?

Cale: No, why did you ask?

Robin: I have been looking for you two since you guys left the camp.

David: Alaina, I just realized something.

Alaina: What is it now?

David: I have realized you are secretly my wife in disguise.

Alaina: What?

David: Marcia, there is no need for you to hide your disguise. Take off that wig and mask of yours please.

Alaina: I'm not Marcia. I'm Alaina Freaking Ryan.

Hero: To Robin, David, and Cale, why are you three here? It is against the rules to visit the other tribe's camp.

David: I came for Marcia.

Alaina: I'm not Marcia, David!

Cale: I came for my l-love towards A-Alaina.

Robin: I came looking for Cale and David.

Hero: Oh for f*** sake, this must have to deal with the glasses Alaina is wearing. Alaina, please take those glasses off.

Alaina: Why?

Hero: Just do it!

Alaina: Okay, I took them off! Why did you ask me take them off in the first place?

David: Oh hi Alaina!

Alaina: David, you're calling me Alaina. Did you get the fact that I am not your wife?

David: Of course I did! Why did I thought you were Marcia in the first place?

Hero: Probably because of the glasses.are a special glasses called Spectacles of Eros. It makes everybody of the opposite sex immediately fall in love with the wearer causing David, Cale, Cid, and Douglass to act extremely weird.

Cid: Oh that is why I acted weird.

Cale: S-sorry Alaina that I try tricking you into m-marrying me. Will you f-forgive me?

Alaina: If it weren't for those glasses, you wouldn't have done that in the first place.

Douglass: Um, Beckah, sorry for my behavior. I really do want to marry you. I don't want to marry Alaina. Will you forgive me?

Beckah: Just as long as we can prevent this island from preventing a certain doom, then I will marry you. I'll forgive you for this. Blame this incident on those silly glasses. 

Cale: Question- Why isn't the Cameraman as well Anthony not affected with those glasses?

The Camerawoman: The Cameraman is dead. I am a camerawoman taking his spot.

Cale: Wait, what happened to him?

Cid: Allow me to explain. I was going swimming in the ocean when a shark ate me and the cameraman. While I got brought back from the dead, the cameraman did not.

Robin: What about Anthony?

The Camerawoman: Well, he is technically affected but.....

*A couple of minutes ago*

Anthony: I think....I am in love.......with.......Alaina. Should I......confess my her? No........I am not.....motivated do so.

Hero: Anyway, according to the rulebook, if somebody were to visit the other tribe's camp, they would have been force-eliminated from the game. However, given how three people visited the other tribe's camp, I don't want to force-eliminate three people. So, as a penalty for breaking the rules, the Asama Maru tribe will go to tribal council.

Robin: Dawgsnibbit!

David: Ugh! Darn it! This is bull s***!

Hero: Shut up! Do you want to die?

Hero: Wait, what ended up happening to my clothes?

Jake: I made you go naked since you stated that line. Don't be so edgy, Hero!

Cale: About us automatically going to tribal council, why is Giulia being punished? She wasn't like me, Robin, nor David as she did not visit the Taimei Maru beach.

Giulia: Hi guys! I have been taking a really long swim and I guess I found myself at the other tribe's camp where everybody is there! Wow!

David: Ugh! What are the coincidences of that happening?

Hero: There! Now, Giulia is here, I can punish all of the Asama Maru tribe accordingly. Taimei Maru is immune at the next tribal council simply because they follow the rules. Cale, you are going to Exile Island as Taimei Maru already confirmed that they are going to send you to Exile Island. As for the rest of the Asama Maru tribe, please go back to your tribe camp.

Cale: Well, here I am on Exile Island. At least I am immune for this round.

????: Hey there Cale!

Cale: Who is it?

???: My name is Goliath. I came for a favor to ask you.

Cale: What is this favor?

Goliath: If you happened to see David, tell him I will be seeing him on Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Cale: What? Where are you? Why did you say to be me? What is going on here?

*Stay tune to find out what happens next*

Author's Notes-

The exact challenge results will be posted later. All that you need to know is that the Asama Maru tribe loses immunity. I try getting the episode out as soon as possible so you are see the challenge results later.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

S.O.S. (Sims On Survivor) Episode 4

Hero: Hello, there. We have come to tell you that most of our footage for this episode got hacked and erased. This is the only footage we have. It's a shame that you guys won't be able to see Cid dying again. But we have to deal with what we have for now.

*Day 5*

(Asama Maru Tribe)

David: D***, it sucks that we lost this challenge. I was sure we had it. I don't really know who to vote for because I like everyone so far, but someone's gotta go. I wonder what the others think.

Robin: Well. We lost. Someone has to go. I certainly would like to stay. They'd certainly love to stay too. So if they vote me off: so be it. I do hope it's not me, though.

*Day Six*

(Tribal Council)

Hero: I need everybody to grab a torch and approach the flame. Dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual at Tribal Council, because in this game, fire represents your life; when your fire's gone, so are you. We are also going to bring Cailyn here as she is the first member of the jury

Hero: Sophie, because of you, your tribe ended up going to tribal council. How does that feel?

Sophie: It feels terrĂ­vel. Because of me, one of us has to be voted out.

Hero: David, do you believe Sophie will be easy target for tonight's vote because of how she screwed up in the challenge?

David: I would say that but there is so much other stuff in the game that could make the vote a lot harder.

Hero: Giulia, name one of things David was talking about in which could make the vote a harder.

Giulia: The hidden immunity idols. If anybody has a hidden immunity idol, and they play it after we all vote for them, then one of us will get voted out instead.

Hero: Robin, could you possibly change your vote if you suspect if the person you want to vote out has an idol?

Robin: Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. 

Hero: Well, let's find out that now. It is time to vote. David, you are first.

David: I vote for _________ because they were the weakest link in the previous challenge.

Sophie: I vote for _______ because they are the only person who I haven't talked to yet.

Robin: Nothing personal. I'm sorry. 

Giulia: I vote for ________ because they kinda caused us losing, its really nothing against this person, but we have to play a game here, sorry.

Hero: I'll go tally up the votes.

Cailyn: Quick question, why am I standing here instead of sitting?

Hero: Shut up! Do you want to die?

*Cailyn rolls her eyes*

Hero: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol, and they want to plait, now will be the time to do so.

Hero: Okay, I will now tally the votes. The first vote goes to......

Hero: Sophie: That's one vote for Sophie. Next vote!

Hero: Robin. That's one vote for Robin, and one vote for Sophie. The next vote goes to.....

Hero: Sophie! That is two votes for Sophie, and one vote for Robin. Final vote!

Hero: The second person voted out of the game is......

Hero: Sophie! Fairy girl, I need you to grab your torch and come with me.

Hero: Sophie, the tribe has spoken.

Hero: It's time for you to go!

Hero: Well, it seems as if you guys were confidant that Sophie doesn't have an idol. Bring your torches, and head back to camp. Cale will be waiting for you there.