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M.A.S.S. Sims

There is a company with the medical experts in the world. They are branch leaders of a company called M.A.S.S aka "Medically Advanced Supportive Society".

These people are....

From left to right

Berry Lightwind- Branch Leader of the Dentistry Department
Zahra Zogby- Branch Leader of the Combat Medic Department
HEALTH-E- Branch Leader of the Surgery Department
Jolie Love- Branch Leader of the Nursing Department
Rose Olive- Branch Leader of the Pharmacy Department
Urfar Riddle- Branch Leader of the Veterinary Department

Now, let me get to the descriptions to the characters.

To find the descriptions of HEALTH-E and Urfar, go to these links below-

As for the others..

Rose Olive

Rose has reserved personality and a stilted way of speaking. She is the type of person who does not like to talk about herself much. As a pharmacist, she has an extensive knowledge of medicine and drugs. She can create just about kind of medicine for something common like laxatives and cold medication to more ludicrous concoctions such as strength enhancers, and medicine that change one's appearance. In fact, some of her medicine can even revive the dead depending on their cause of death and how much time has passed since they died.

She is conscious of how easy it is for people to guess what she is thinking through her facial expressions, so she hides her face behind a gas mask. She is very meticulous while dealing with medicine. Her father is a scientist and her mother died when she was very young. She is "sister" of HEALTH-E from Jetset in which he helps her with medical problems.

Despite her creepy appearance and monotone, Rose is a very compassionate person. She is very soft-hearted, and she often took requests from other people about some medicine. She also loves animals, providing care for an injured animal at no charge, as well as producing a number of medicines specially formulated for use on animals. Because of her soft nature, she is very loyal and forgiving to people who are friendly or helpful towards her.

Zahra Zogby

Zahra Zogby used to work for a secret government society in Australia called Undertrack who carries around a sniper rifle that can heal enemies. There, she goes on dangerous missions in the Australian Outback and she has many stories to tell about her days there. After she went on to receive an injury that causes her to "retire" from Undertrack, she was recognized for her skills as a combat medic and she was put in the M.A.S.S. as the branch leader of the Combat Medic Division.

She possesses a strong sense of responsibility, always leaving it to herself to heal her teammates. She is a very caring person, frequently commenting at how good her former comrades of Undertrack are looking as well as sharing her concern for them. She also believes that nothing is more important than protecting loved ones.
While she is usually positive, Ana isn't afraid to become fierce whenever people are in danger. She also takes pity for the enemies that she kills in combat, knowing that they had friends and family to go back to.

Jolie Love
Jolie is the youngest branch leader of M.A.S.S. as she just graduated high school before she joined M.A.S.S. She is recognized for her skills in nursing so she is the branch leader of the Nursing Division.
She suffers from extremely low self-esteem as a result of severe abuse and bullying in high school. She is easily intimidated, cries easily, apologizes a lot, and stutters over words. She constantly worries about bothering, boring, or offending others. She is very skilled at reading people's faces, but she over-analyzes them and is quick to conclude that she is disliked by those around her. 
Jolie is also ridiculously clumsy and often ends up in embarrassing and revealing poses, leading her to apologize profusely (It is heavily implied that she exaggerates her clumsiness on purpose to gain sympathy or attention). She frequently offers to allow others to beat, strip or do other bad things to her so that they won't hate her, as she believes it's better to be treated badly than ignored. She thinks that people who don't bully her don't care about her existence at all and she is sometimes confused when others are kind to her. Despite this, she can become very attached to those who treat her kindly.
Jolie became a nurse in the first place because sick and hurt people are even weaker than her, and Jolie can be strong enough, not to mention knowledgeable enough, to help them so they won't die. However, this isn't so much out of kindness as it is for her to have actual power over someone for once, since a sick or injured person would have to depend on her completely.

Berry Lightwind

Berry is a brilliant dentist who manages to become the Branch Leader of the Dentistry Department. However, it comes at a side effect as he thinks he is the tooth fairy despite not being a fairy himself. He also believes in Santa Claus, the Sandman, and the Easter Bunny believing they are his best friends. He also thinks his parents are leprechauns thus he is very lucky in life because of that. He also dislikes Halloween and has a huge rivalry with the Bogeyman.

He also very much dislikes candy and sweets due to it believing that they are designed to ruin somebody's teeth. Because of that, he is on a mission to destroy confectioners believing that they are working with the bogeyman. He refuses to eat birthday cakes by the way. His dislike towards candy is one of the reasons why he dislikes Halloween.

I totally forgot expansion packs those sims will need but most of their cc is transferable except for Rose. You need this cc item for you to download her if you don't want to end with a different "look" to her.

The item is essential part to her in my opinion.

You can find those sims in the "Upload Links" column. Hope you enjoy them.

Note: Zahra is CC free by the way.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Sims Reality All-Stars Episode 8 Part Two

*Day 19*

Jade: To be honest this challenge was pretty easy, to keep focussing on something is something I learned years ago before I got the Master Of Sim Fu. Even though I'm not so excited about the nomination part, I really can't wait to see the letter the HoH gets. Don't get me wrong, this is such a great experience, but I also miss home and my family. I think there might come some old woman tears after the letter haha.

Jelly: So, I guess this is my HOH room. It reminds me of Shang Simla in which it is like a second home to me. Now, I kinda want to read a letter from my daughter alone please. I just need to read one from her.

*Day 20*

Nahita: Well it seems like you and Levi are going to get nominated.

Blanche: No sh*t! Jelly promised you safety and since she can't nominate Max or Paige along with the fact it will be f***ing stupid to nominate your own allies, of course me and Levi are going to get nominated.

Nahita: Unless....I have an idea to have to none of us get weaken this weak.

Blanche: And that idea is.....?

Nahita: We need to talk to Max and Paige about it. We have to tell Jelly something and she will more likely to believe Max and Paige about that something given how they are both safe this week.

Blanche: Okay, let's do it!

Paige: Hey Jelly Belly, we need to talk to you about something as important as Christmas shopping.

Jelly: What are you giving me for Christmas?

Max: Two things. First, you are getting cake as a late Christmas gift.

Paige: Second, Carlito decided to talk to Levi the Leprechaun and he is considering about the possibly of working with our little green buddy to get rid of Fungi.

Max: You may want to get to keep a close eye as he is basically playing both sides now.

Jelly: Thanks for telling me this information.

Fungi: So, about Carlito, do you think what Max and Paige said is true?

Cizika: Now, that I think about it, Carlito has been acting a bit unusual lately.

Fungi: Why would Carlito want to get rid of me? Is it some sort of emotional decision?

Cizika: I do not think any of us is playing emotions. If that was the case, me and Jelena would of attempted to get rid of each other as of this very moment.

Cizika: "Young Jelena looks upon me with such contempt. No doubt she has felt my gaze. Something will happen to her one day. Something always happens."

Cizika: Anyway, Carlito has a thing called cockiness. Carlito won Abnormality and because of that, he thinks he can win this show and do whatever strategy to do to win this show without any consequences. The thing is that cockiness almost always lead to the downfall of many weaklings and if what Max and Paige said is true, it may lead to the downfall of Carlito.

Fungi: You have a point there. Carlito can probably just think that he can get away with playing both sides and I kinda feel like people playing both sides are kinda very dangerous people. I am not sure if we should 100% believe Max and Paige or not. We have to nominate people in our best interests.

*Day 21*

Jelly: Well, this is the nominations ceremony. First of all, I have to send somebody into the Room of Exile in which they will receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol but they can not participate in the Power of Veto competition. I am going send......

Paige to the Room of Exile because I can't find a reason to send Max to the Room Of Exile. Now, I have decided to nominate........

Blanche for the weakening this week because she is one of the strongest and most experienced players here. I also decided to nominate

Carlito for the weakening this week because you keep annoying everybody with your overexaggerated confidence just because you won ABNORMALITY and I think you are also a beast at competitions. This meeting is adjourned!

Stay tuned for the next episode

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Sims Reality All-Stars Episode Eight Part One

*Day 18*

Carlito: Welcome back to the game.

Levi: Yeah, too bad we are not in the same team anymore.

Carlito: Well, can I ask you one question? Do you feel slightly upset that the people in your alliance voted to evict you?

Levi: Kinda!

Carlito: Well, I slightly upset that Fungi nominated me for eviction during the first week. Plus, she was in a showmance with Brad and in the event Brad comes back into the game because of somebody else having a non-gameplay elimination, it was make them a huge threat so how about we have a secret alliance to get Fungi out?

Levi: That sounds like an interesting plan. I can be up for it.

*Day 19*

Ani: Well, I have a new twist this week and it comes with good news and bad news

The good news is that nobody will be evicted this week.
The bad news is that instead of an eviction, we will have a "weakening" this week. If you are "weaken" in this game, you can not compete in any competitions for the next three weeks in which this includes Power of Veto competitions and Head of Household competitions. Obviously unless your strategy is to throw every single challenge, you do not want that to happen to you as your only shot to guarantee safety for next three weeks will be gone as you will basically be a sitting duck. If you are weaken and you are nominated in the next three weeks, you can not use the Power of Veto save yourself.

So, this week, the Head of Household will nominate two people for "weakening" this week. If they are concerned about one contestants winning the Head of Household or the Power of Veto and using their competition win in some way to get them out, then it will be a good week to do that. Now let's get into the actual Head of Household competition.

Ani: Blanche as the current Head of Household, you can not participate in this week's HOH competition. This competition is called "Stand On The Column". Both of your feet are onto a column. If any of your feet lose touch of the column, you are out of the competition. The last person standing wins HOH. Is everybody clear?

Everybody: Yes!

Ani: Good because I won't have to deal with any dumb a**es here. Now, begin!

Max: I am out. I am very hungry and I want to have some cake.


Ani: Just like that, two people are out and we just wasted money building two columns.

*17 minutes into the competition*

Levi: Sorry but I really have to use the bathroom.

Ani: Don't you dare pee in the pool below you. Use a darn toilet.

Levi: Don't worry. I will use a toilet.

*23 minutes into the competition*

Nahita: Hey Carlito, want to make a deal?

Carlito: About what?

Nahita: Well, all three of your allies in the game are still in this competition and they never be likely to nominate you. Can you step for a minute as I promise I will not nominate you if I win HOH?

Carlito: Hmmm..... if I do that, I won't have to get much blood on my hands. People who have too much blood on their hands early on will get targeted and they will likely to lose in which Carlito will never lose a reality show. Consider your deal accepted.

Nahita: Thanks!

Carlito: Hasta la vista, baby!

*26 minutes into this competition*

Cizika: Ha, this competition is so easy I can perform exercises right now.

Jelly: I like to see you try.

Cizika: Here I am performing jumping jacks.

Ani: And Cizika is out of this competition.

Cizika: What?

Ani: I stated once your feet lose touch of your column, you are out. By performing jumping jacks, you let your feet lose touch of your column and therefore you are out.

Cizika: Ugh....whatever.

*29 minutes into the competition*

Jelly: Hey, Nahita, if I win Head of Household, I will promise you that I will not nominate you.

Nahita: Can you pinky promise that?

Jelly: Um....yeah the distance between you and us made it hard for us to pinky promises.

Fungi: Do a metaphorical pinky promise.

Jelly: Fine, I metaphorically pinky promise you that I won't nominate you.

Nahita: I wish it was a metaphorical pinky promise.

Fungi: Plus, if I win, you will automatically be immune from nominations.

Nahita: Well, if since both of you went on to guarantee my safety this week and I rather not get too much blood on my hands, I will eliminate from this competition.

Fungi: Be sure to feed Leif and Sunlight when you get eliminated from the competition.

Ani: And just like that, Nahita is out.

*33 minutes into the competition*

Jelly: Hey Fungi, you already won a HOH competition and you gotten a letter from a loved one of yours, correct?

Fungi: Yeah, what about it?

Jelly: I really want a letter from my daughter Jade and the way to do that is by winning HOH. Since you already a HOH competition and I haven't, can you make me have HOH just for this week?

Fungi: Um sure!

Fungi: Congrats Jelly, you just won Head of Housheold.

Ani: Hey, you stole my line. Though anybody with eyes can tell who the new Head of Household, so yeah. Come and get your keys, Jelly.

*Stay tuned for Part Two*

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Sims Reality All-Stars Season 3 Episode 7

*Day 16*

Paige: Thanks for believing in us, Blanche. We totally didn't vote for you as we voted for Levi Pevi.

Max: Next time, please don't listen to the other side. Zander and Jelly lied to you and it nearly costed me my game.

Blanche: I can't believe I listened to these stupid millennials. Why did I do that?

Max: Anyway, who should we get rid of this week? I kinda want to get rid of Zander this week because of how he lied to Blanche and got me nominated for eviction this week.

Paige: But Fungi and Brad are a showmance together and therefore, they are in an alliance together. This makes them huge threats in the game. A bigger threat than Zander in my opinion. Blanchey-poo, what do you think?

Blanche: You do not need my opinion. I am safe this week and you two should vote whoever who I want to vote for. I really don't care as just as long as you didn't vote for me, everything will be alright.

Fungi: Are you ready to get your *** kicked by the Great Master of Sim Fu?

Zander: Hey, I may be wearing a white belt but that does not mean that I can't win against you.

Jelly: Miss!

Jelly: TAKE....

Jelly: THAT!

Jelly: You'll have to try harder than that.

Zander: There, you win!

Jelly: GG! Now, isn't that better than getting stronger with Cizika?

Zander: Never in a million years do I want to get stronger with Cizika.

Jelly: Yeah, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of her. Her attempts at using violence is one of the many reasons why humans have a bad picture of vampires.

Zander: Then why did we align with her?

Jelly: Well, it is like Ghostbusters as "When someone asks you if you're a god you say yes!" Only instead of asking if you are a god or not, you instead ask if you want to be in an alliance with them or not. I have to say yes into being an alliance or else I could be in a lot of trouble.

Zander: So, if you reject an alliance with somebody,  the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will come and get you. Kidding. I get it. I bet you hope that Cizika has the time of her life at the Room of Exile. Being sarcastic by the way.

*Flashback on Day 14*

Cizika: Since Blanche sent me to the room of exile, I wonder is in store for me.

Cizika: This is it? I was expecting traps and tricks that can make people stronger.

Cameraman: Hey, we are trying to keep our contestants alive and not dead.

Cizika: Shut up, cameraman!

Cizika: Let me read the hidden immunity idol clue before anything else.

Cizika: I guess this is going to be my bed. I have slept much less comfortable places than this so if they feel like I am going to hard time with sleeping on a couch, think again!

*Flashback on Day 15*

Cizika: Cameraman, why are you filming me taking a shower?

Cameraman: Because of......reasons. Look I am not a pervert or anything.

Cizika: Oh sure you aren't.

Cizika: Cold shower? You have to try harder to make me feel even more miserable for staying here. Now, I am attempted to see what food you find so miserable that is inside the fridge.

Cizika: Canned soup? Is this soup poisonous?

Cameraman: NO! Like we stated, we don't want to kill our contestants.

Cizika: Pathetic!

*Day 17*

Brad: Hey I see that Leif has a friend now.

Fungi: I wonder who it is.

Brad: Me too!

*Leif the Plant rustles*

Fungi: Oh. You know how Leif has been seeing another plant? This is her. Her name is Sunlight. Thanks to us, she was able to be in the house with Leif.

Brad: Good! Now, I won't have to feel left out when you and Leif talk.

Fungi: Yeah, I know you have been feeling like I have been paying more attention to Leif than you. Now, with Sunlight here, I can pay as much attention to you so that Leif doesn't feel alone.

Brad: Can you do me a favor? If you feel like I am going to get evicted, then vote to evict me. I do not want to feel like you will be targeted if you vote for the minority. Can you do that?

Fungi: Well, I do not want to vote to evict you so I will try to keep you safe. However, if I feel there is no way out of this mess, I guess I will vote to evict you.

Carlito: Um Taz, what are you doing?

Nahita: You have been near this dresser for a long time.

Taz: Well, I have to leave this game.

Nahita: What?

Carlito: Are you quitting this game?

Taz: Actually, I have to leave to an urgent personal matter that only I can take care of. There are giving me a few moments to pack my bags.

Nahita: Well, we will miss you when you leave this house.

Taz: I will miss you guys, too!

Carlito: Well, look at the bright side. My chances at winning the game went from an one to ten chance to an one to nine chance.

*Day 18*

Carol: Hello everybody. As many of you guys know, Taz has left this game due to an urgent personal matter. Because of this and we want to have a certain strict schedule, we bring in somebody to replace Taz. Come on in....

Levi: Hello there everybody!

Carol: Levi is now taking over Taz's spot.

Levi: No s***! Anybody with eyes can see that.

Carol: You forgot to your medicine, did you?

Levi: Of course I f****** did. The Levi with those darn medicine would never been this upset.

Carol: Anyway, since Levi can easily have for a him to either a hero or a villain with the state he is currently in is him being a villain and the state wgere he did took his medicine makes him a hero along with the fact that he is taking the place of Taz aka another hero, we are putting him with the team of the good guys. Now please take a seat.

Carol: Now, then the contestants have casted their votes to evict somebody from the house.  I am going to read the votes along with the reasons why people voted for that person. Those votes will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Here are the votes:

???: I vote to evict Brad because he seems the most dangerous out of the two. Zander doesn't really pose a threat this early on where as I think Brad will be a force to be reckoned with later down the line. Plus I suspect Brad has an Idol clue. Best to nip this problem in the bud asap so it doesn't come back to bite me in the behind later on.

???: I vote to evict Zander, but not because I want either of them gone. I don't want anyone to go, but I have to choose someone. I just don't know him well enough.

???: I vote to evict Brad because I simply like Zander better. 

???: I vote to evict Brad because I don't trust him as much as I trust Zander.

???: I vote to evict Brad because of his blatant favoritism.

???: I vote to evict Brad because I see him as a good player and a threat.

Carol: Well, with five votes, Brad has been evicted from the Sims Reality All-Stars house as that was enough votes to evict you from that house.

Brad: Well, it has been a nice ride with you guys. See you all at the finale.

Zander: With that, I am quitting this game.

Jelly: What did you just say?

Paige: Zander Mander, why would do that?

Nahita: You are giving up a shot to win this game by doing that.

Zander: Well, this game ended up having Levi return from the game. I highly believe once you have been eliminated from the show, then you shouldn't return to the game. I don't want to join a show where eliminated contestants come back into the game so I want to quit this game.

Fungi: You do realize that people return to the game in the second season of this show?

Cizika: Yeah, you are basically a foolish fool spouting foolish foolishness if you think you can play this foolish game of fools that previously has people do something that you are so foolishly against doing.

Carol: Well whatever. Brad, you are evicted from the Sims Reality All-Stars house. Zander, if you wish to quit this game, please follow Brad with you.

Zander: Will do!

Carol: Well, first of all, I have to do this.

*comes to Zander and Brad and pinches both of them*

Zander: Oh! That hurts.

Brad: Why would do that?

Carol: It's Saint Patrick's Day. Don't you remember?

Zander: It's not Saint Patrick's Day.

Carol: So what! I celebrate it every Tuesday. You two are not wearing green, so I get to pinch you.

Brad: But my hair is green

Carol: It doesn't count as clothing in my opinion. Now, Zander please exit this house now as I talk to Brad.

Carol: Well Brad, you had an interesting boot episode to say the least. Let's take a look at some goodbye messages that the other contestants said to you-

Nahita: Oh, Brad, with the beautiful green hair, I'm sorry you got voted out. It's a bummer, but I suppose life could be worse right now. Remember you have a wonderful woman in Fungi. Don't take that for granted. Oh, and if you and Fungi have children one day, I wonder what their hair will look like. Perhaps turqoise? Oooh, now that would be beautiful! Um, but yeah, I'm getting ahead of myself. Haha! Anyway, live life strong.

Cizika: Meditate on this defeat, and the reasons for it. It is... my will that it not repeat... as it should be yours.

Blanche: You tried to get me out last week, well look who's gone now! Muahahahaha, see you around loser.
Fungi: No! Brad, Why you gotta leave?! *cries* See you Bro, Wish we could have played this game together until the end, Looks like it wasn't meant to be. Peace, Love & hugs.

Brad: Fungi, don't cry. My eviction makes your chance at winning the game better. Fungi, I know you are not hearing this but I will root for every single day in hopes that you win the game.

Carol: Ah, that's sweet. If your eviction yesterday aka Valentine's Day, then it would of been a perfect Valentine's Day message for you to say to Fungi. Now, I hope you enjoy this and we will be here for Episode 8. Bye everyone!

Jelly: "What's up guys? 1, 2, 3. Your asking why I'm doing jumping jacks during my DRE? 1, 2, 3. Well, I just found out that saying things or people I don't really like while doing Jumping Jacks calm me down. Let me demonstrate you.

1, 2, 3.


1, 2, 3.


1, 2, 3.

Cizika, but don't tell her.

You see? I feel way better now. And because I was active during this I'm also well prepared for the next challenge. That means Win for my game and for my mood haha.

Some notes:

The reasonings for certain votes have been edited to keep the people who casted the votes less obvious.

Also, Smarties and Jaynnick have been force-eliminated from the game as it has been past a month since Jaynnick posted on the forums and it almost nearly a month since Smarties posted on the forums. In addition, neither of them have been in contact with me so I ended up force-eliminating them.

Also, while Tip has been in contact with me, she has not send me her vote so I will make her sit out in the next HOH competition as punishment for that.

Also, with Jaynnick being force-eliminating, I will like to confirm that somebody else will return to the game just for the extra week.