Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alien320 Nerdacy

I uploaded this family for an user named kitty, who is famous for the simmy award nomination The Tea Legacy!
If you wanna see the family:
The grandmother (and my favorite nerd out of all of them):

Fox Alien320:

CC u will need to have before you download

The rest of the cc, including it's tail should be with the download! If you somehow do not see the tail, the tail is from rosesims!

The Grandfather:
Insane Alien320

CC you need to have before you download him:

That is all the cc he has!

The mother:

(That is how she look in her teen years)

GaGa Alien320

CC you will need:

The father:

I am so stupid! I forgot to take a picture of him, anyways, his name is Curious Alien320, and he have a brown skin, black hair, a normal looking body, and is a young adult!

CC that he needs:

No cc needed for him!

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wnwn4ziavdd

*Never of these sims are wearing the bikini! However the bikini has a custom pattern that you will need for the sim!

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