Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Poll Is Up

In Honor of Big Brother 12 coming soon, I have created a poll asking which Big Brother player I should make! These players are my top 5 player of all time! These players are:

Jordan, who is the most recent winner of Big Brother!
Dick, who was the winner of Big Brother 8
Danielle, who was the runner-up of Big Brother 8
Cowboy, who was the runner-up of Big Brother 5
Janelle, who was 3rd place of Big Brother 6, and All-Stars (though she should of won both seasons, thanks a lot Mike Boogie, and Ivette for voting to evict her, no offense)!

Note: All of these players are from the USA version! None of these are from the international version! Plus, to be honest, I find the international versions a bit boring! No offense!

Vote for which sim you want to see to be made by me! I voted for Dick, who is just my favorite player of all time!

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