Thursday, June 24, 2010

Operation Mummification of Matz is Ready To Go

Hello, creations of Matz! My name is Jake, and I will talk to you through the computer screen in order to want we want! First of all, go to the backyard, and go stand near a sacrophagus! Once you are near the sacrophagus, say GaGa-Oh-La-La!



Good, now I need you all to sleep in the sacrophagus for 2 days! Okay!

God, this is heavy!
I wonder what is inside of here!

C'mon! I have got to be brave for this!
Okay, they are now in the sacrophagus, and then 2 days later, this will happen:

God, I should known this was going to happened!

Well, I always wanted to be a mummy, so I am kinda happy about this!
God, I hate being a mummy!
Well, Operation Mummification of Matz is complete! Well, this teaches us a lesson! LADY GAGA IS MINE!

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