Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Uploads of My Family

Okay, I have decided to post this due to the fact that it will be a little bit easier to get to!

My simself (with a different hair):

The pants are from Mod The Sims, and the hair is from XMSims!

Requires World Adventures, and High End Loft Stuff

Lady GaGa (who is my wife):

The Hair is from RoseSims, and the outfit is Mod The Sims

Need World Adventures for this sim (she has the Adventurous trait)!

Ugh, I am retarded! I totally forgot to take a picture of Alejandro!

The Closest Picture I got is this:

Here is basically the child in the picture!

Anyways, here he is:

Hair is from Mod The Sims! That's All the CC He Has Got!

Need World Adventures for his outfit!

Okay, that's all the sims I am gonna post today!

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