Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 1

"Welcome to The Last Regular Sim," said Benjamin Franklin the XII. "I am your host Benjamin Franklin the XII. Tonight 8 sims will moved in to The Last Regular Sim house. They all want to win 1,000,000 dollars! However, 7 out of the 8 sims will be mummified, and won't win 1,ooo,ooo,ooo dollars! However, 1 lucky sim will go in the house and win the money! Who will win the Last Regular Sim? Well, take a guess. The sims in the house will include

xMiraclex37! According to her, She's a nut-case. but you knew that!

SimCrazy is also in the house along with

jps0228! He's Tough and Ambitous! No one can stop him from getting to the top and achieving his dreams! Along the way, he likes to meet up with co-workers! Espescially the Ladies!
Another houseguest is AnitaLife, who is terrified of most anything, but especially death and disease, she lives by the motto "Better safe than sorry." As a result, she eats ONLY organic, vegetarian foods and keeps herself and her surroundings as safe and pristine as possible. Over reacting? Maybe. But that speck of dirt is DEFINITELY poison.
vidkid21 is online blogging sim who will be in the houseguest! Her bio according to her blog is Hello if you never seen me on the main site, I'm vidkid20 (well like duh) lol. I'm very silly person on interwebz even though in real life I can be very serious till you get to know me.

A houseguest known by the name of jenaben8806 is a very sweet, plain girl who loves cooking with her food that she grows in her own garden.
The houstguest known as SimAsh866 is a brave and flirty fire fighter. He loves going to work every day and being able to save others!

And finally we have Cookiez. He has a fun,caring additude,but a secret side to him thet he keeps to himself. Hes great at making friends,when he wants to.And he loves to give back
This is the first time they are meeting each other! They are not allowed to speak to each other!" Benjamin then speaks to the audience saying "Hello". The housguests responded to Benjamin with Hi! Benjamin then said "Take a look around you! 7 out of the 8 of you will not look, and be like yourselves by the end of this show! However, 1 lucky sim will be out of here like he or she was when he or she entered the house! When you all enter the house, you must claim a bed by laying in it! However, in each bedroom, they are room for 2 people! The two people sleeping in that bedroom must be the opposite gender! If you failed to do so, you will be the first person eliminated from the show! Does everybody got it?" The houseguests responded with yes! Benjamin then said "You may entered the house now!"
Soon, they all picked their beds! vidkid21, and jps0228 shared a room,

xMiraclex37, and SimAsh866 shared a room,
AnitaLife, and SimCrazy shared a room,

And Cookiez, and jenaben8806
Soon they all get to meet each other! They learned about their basic info, and everything in between!

Their day was a blast, they danced, they play games, they basically have a party! But in the next day, it wasn't all fun in games!
They all sat in the couches in the basement, as Benjamin comes in, and says "Houseguest, I got some important information to share with you!

The goal in the realty show is to be the last regular sim! If you are not the last regular sim in the house, then you will be mummified! If you are the last regular sim in the house, your simself will earn 1,000,000 dollars!

Every week the people who are not mummifed will compete in competitions throughout many community lots! The bottom 2 in the house will be up for mummification, which the fans of the show who they will think should be mummified! If you are have the most votes, you have some bad luck! You then have to be mummified, and no longer able to compete in competitions, or the grand prize! We are moments away for your first competition! For the first competition, we asked you guys to go into different rooms, and stay there until the competition is over, or when we called you guys out! Do it now!"

After they have all went into different rooms, Anita was the first to be called into the junkyard!

Benjamin carefully explains what she has to do. "Your job is to collect as much scrap as you can within a hour! You must pick a scrap pile, and collect many scrap from there! But be careful! The two sims who collect the least amount of scrap will be the bottom 2, and will be up for mummification! Now, ready, set, go!"

After the one hour, Anita has collected 7 pieces of scrap!
Soon, after everyone has done their hour of collecting, they all gather into the couches to hear the results!

"In tie for first place," Benjamin said, "we have xMiraclex37, and SimAsh866 with 18 pieces of scrap! In a 3-way for second place, we SimCrazy, vidkd21, and jps0228 with 17 pieces! And now out bottom 2 is AnitaLife with 7 pieces of scrap, and jenaben8806 with 13 pieces of scrap! Cookiez, you have 16 pieces of scrap! Now, I asked SimCrazy, and jenaben8806 to switch couches!
*switching couches*
"Good," Benjamin said. "Houseguests, jenaben8806, and AnitaLife are sitting on the two couches you would never want to sit it, The Couches of the Bottom 2! Not they are comfortable, but if you sit in this couch, then one of you will be mummified! Now, let me talk to audience for now!"

Who will be the first person to be mummified? It is up to you! Vote in the poll to the bottom of this post to see who will be mummified!

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