Monday, July 19, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 2

"Hey, you seemed sad," jps0228 said! "What's wrong?"

"It is just the fact that I may have to be mummified," jenaben8806 said!

"Well, if you need a hug, I am here for you," jps0228 said!
"You are very good at huggin you know that!"

"I know that!"
30 minutes later,

"Boy, I love you so much," jenaben8806 said!

"I love you too," jps0228 said!
"So, wanna be my boyfriend," jenaben8806!

"I will love to be your boyfriend!"
"So, shall we do it?" jps0228 said!

"We shall do it," jenaben0886

"Yeah, we are doing it," jps0228!

"Yes, we are doing it!"
Soon they all got in the living room to see who will be mummified!
"Now, it is time for either AniteLife, or jenaben0886 to be mummified," Benjamin said in his studio! "The bottom 2 are asked to wear their formal wear for this occasion! One thing for granted one of them are gonna be mummified empty handed! Let me deliver the news now!"
"AniteLife, jenaben0886, it is time for me to announced the news! When I give the news, the person who is mummified only has a few moments to walk to the sarcophagus, and be mummified! By 69% vote,

jenaben0886, you have now been mummified," Benjamin said!
"Guys, I knew that this is coming, so I have prepared myself mentally as of what i have to go through! So, I just wanna say good luck to all of you who are still here!"
*jenaben0886 gets in the sacrophagus*
"She's in the sacrophagus now," vidkid21 said! "So let's get in the pool!
2 days later,

"Hello," Benjamin said to jenaben0886. "You have just been mummified! You are no longer allowed to compete in competitions, nor the grand prize!"

Also, since you have been mummified, and mummies do not need to sleep, your bed has been removed to a single bed!"
"Wow, this is serious," xMiraclex37 said!

"Yes, this is serious," AnitaLife said!

"I'm sorry, but I cannot date a mummy," jps0228 said! "They will give me bad reputations, we cannot have babies, and they are so ugly! I'm sorry but I am gonna have to break-up with you!"
30 minutes later!

"Boy, you are a good kisser," xMiraclex37 said!

Stay toon for the next episode!

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