Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 3

"How dare you steal my man like that," jenaben8066 said!

"Excuse me, but he is not your man," xMiraclex37 said!

"Well, let me see about that!"
Soon, the two ladies started fighting, punching, and kicking!
"See, mummies can fight!"

"He is still mine! He broke up with you! You just have to get over it!"

Soon, it was time for the next competition! The competition is hosted by Benjamin Franklin the XII like all competitions!

"Hello, and welcome to your next competition," Benjamin said! "jenaben8066, you may watched this competition though you are not allowed to compete! This competition is about fishing! You are gonna fished for fish! The first 5 sims to catch a fish will be safe from mummification at least this week! But you do not wanna one of the last 2 to catch a fish, or else you will be in the bottom 2, and you may be mummified! You may start this competition now!
So far, every one is catching fishes! Not one of them has caught a fish yet!

"Congrats, vidkid21, you are the first person to caught a fish," Benjamin said!
"Unfortunately, cookiez, you did not caught a fish," Benjamin said! "I will ask to go fishing again!"
Congrats, SimAsh866, you caught a fish," Benjamin said! "You are safe for the week!"
"jps0228 has just caught a fish," Benjamin said! "He is safe for the week along with vidkid21, and SimAsh866
"SimCrazy has just become the 4th person to catch a fish," Benjamin said! "He would not be mummified for at least this week!"

Now, we are down to bottom 3," Benjamin said. 'If Cookiez, AnitaLife, or xMiraclex37 do not wanna be in the bottom 2, and do not wanatake the risk of being mummified, they will have to catch a fish before rest of the people still fishing has caught one!"
"And Cookiez has just caught a fish," Benjamin said! "Good Job Cookiez!"
"That is unfortunately bad news toward xMiraclex37, and AnitaLife," Benjamin said! "They are now in the bottom 2, and one of them shall be mummified!"

After the competition is over, jps0228 came to his girlfriend, and said "Haha! I caught more fish than you did, I caught more fish than you did!"
"You know what," xMiraclex37 said. "I am sick of your attitude! You dumped your ex-girlfriend just because of the fact she is a mummy, and you are mocking me just because I am in the bottom 2, and you are not! So, be quiet, and leave me alone. Because we are now officially broken up!"

"But," jps0228 said!

"No buts, it is over!"

45 minutes later.......

"Boy, you are a good kisser," AnitaLife said!

Now, it is time for AnitaLife, or xMiraclex37 to be voted to be mummified! Last Time, AnitaLife was in the bottom 2, and survived mummification! Will she be mummified for good? And xMiraclex37 is now officially single, and has broke up with her boyfriend! Will her week be more unlucky when she has to face mummification? The power is up to you! Vote for the next person to be mummified in the bottom of this page! You will not the results until the next episode to make the next episode more exciting! From, The Last Regular Sim Saying Good Day For Everyone!

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