Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 5

Meanwhile, vidkid21, and jps0228 are getting closer everyday! They know their favorite things they like to do to their darkest secrets
Also, AniteLife, and jenaben8806 are starting to have a friendship with each other!
Then, at 5:00 am,
when everyone was asleep,
Benjamin said an announcement saying "Houseguests, please wake up, and go to the public library!"
"Now that you are all are at the public library, it is time for our next competition," Benjamin said! "jenaben8806, and AniteLife, you guys are not allowed to compete for this competition, but you can watched! We liked to this competition The Amazing Reading Race, and here's why! You will all read a book called Where's Bella?, and your job is to read that book as fast as you can! But be careful, whoever is the last two to finish the book will be out bottom 2! The competition starts now!"
" Right Now, everyone is reading," Benjamin said!"
"And look jps0228, and vidkid21 tied with first place!"
"xMiraclex37 came in second place!"

"And SimCrazy just came in third place!"

Which means Cookiez is in the botton 2 along with
Soon after the events of the last competition, jps0228 said to vidkid21 "You did so good out there! Tell you what, I have always wanted to do this! I may the first guy in sleepwear to do this, but
Will you married me?"

Stay toon for the next episode to see if vidkid21 says yes or no!

In the meantime, who will be the first male sim mummified? Vote here to see! Like in the last poll, you will not see who will be the votes!

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