Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Site!

I have decided to create this site for simming purposes!

If you like to join:

It includes:

9 sections where you can upload stuff (with no culling)
an Off-Topic Section
10 sections for the Sims 1
20 sections for the Sims 2
8 sections for the Sims 3
A sections where you can post your competitions (this includes modeling competitions, building competitions, makeover competitions, and more)!

Now, just for the record, here is some FAQs (or some questions most likely be FAQs):

1. Why can't I see this section?

You must be a member of this site to see almost all the sections! If you are not a member, registor now to be a member! You won't be able to see the moderators section unless you are a mod, which leads me to question 2!

2. How do I become a mod?

Go to the welcome section! You will a mod application! Fill out the application, and you may be a mod! However, you are not 100% guarantee a mod just yet (like if you gave me a "sloppy" application, or you break a lot of rules, then you may not be a mod)!

3. Can I upload stuff here, and how I can?

You can upload stuff here! However, you have to upload it to mediafire, post a thread on the appropriate section, and then you uploaded something!

4. Will my uploads be culled?

No, there is no culling in this site!

5. What are the forums rules?

Go to the welcome section, and you can find them out!

6. Why can only members see most of the sections in this site?

Because there is a blog (not mentioning any sites names), that goes around different sites that has to deal with sims, search for posts, and then tried to make a negative blog post based upon what you posted! In ordet to prevent that from happening, most of the forums sections will be able to view for all the members, and none for lurkers!

7. How do I login? How do I registor?

Go to the right of this post, and you shall see a login, and registor button! If you want to login, go clicked on the login button! If you want to registor, clicked on the registor button!

8. Do I have to liked Lady GaGa to be a member of this site?

No, you can hate Lady GaGa all you want, and still be a member of this site! This is a sims site, not a Lady GaGa site!

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