Sunday, July 11, 2010

Okay, I feel sad for this

Note: This Post Has A Few Swear Words in it due to the fact I was upset! Just thought I will let you know!

Okay, I hope that most of you guys know that I have a mac!

Well today I feel sad because I feel like I am an outcast in the simming community!

PCs can have custom avatars, and can create worlds! Both of these things are absolutely better than stuff like CAP, the stuff packs, or eve Ambitions!

Well, macs can not have these things! Instead we have those plain old white background (unless you download those avatar backgrounds from that store that is like shit, and if you download something from there, you could loss your cc, and have to go through the plain ea-styled hair/outfits that is full of bullshit)! We also have world-editor which isn't as half good as Create A World! They thought that they would give us CAP to cheer us, but CAP is USELESS! I don't care about fuckin' patterns that you can give to outfits, and objects! I just want CAP, so that I can create worlds that I CAN LIVE IN, and do not have to ask someone to create a world for me!

You know, I wanna get bootcamp REALLY BAD, and so that I can do the things I have missed out on!

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