Saturday, July 10, 2010

Okay, seriously, do not download this cc file

do not download that cc file! I have actually saw Lady GaGa NAKED in the sims 3, due to the cc file after I have installed the most recent patch! And it was not censored! I have fortunately uninstall this cc on my cc files!

I am telling you this now, because I know EA will banned me if I posted it on the forums! So, please if you have the lady gaga bikini, or you planning on getting the lady gaga bikini, please uninstall, or do not put the lady gaga bikini on your cc files!


  1. Not to burst your bubble or anyfink-It can work well for other simmers. Example:


  2. hate to tell u buh i have it my game and it works great and so what if its uncensored its only like barbie doll nuidity lol