Monday, July 19, 2010

Okay, this post on the I Need A Makeover Thread made me confuzzald- EDITED

It says Okay, im a new judge for this comp!

1. Is Kellor Still Judging?
2. If so, then why did you say that you will be a new judge for this compostion? It is just be really weird if a random person has got pick for a judge in the middle of a competition when there's no need for one! Sure, I can understand when kellor has decided to no longer judge, but if kellor is still judging, I would not think that they need another judge!
3. Is she really judging? Because I think that she just picked a competition, and said I will be a judge for this competition without even asking SimCrazy!

Well, to me, she will not probably be a judge!

EDIT- Kellor is judging, and she is actually a judge! I apologized for the confusion!

1 comment:

  1. Jake, I'm still judging. There will be 3 judges now and no she didn't randomly decide to be a judge on her own.