Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 5 How To Make Your Blog Successful

Okay I have decided to post this! I seriously know some blogs are failling, so I just wanted to post the Top 5 How To Make Your Blog Successful

5. Have an interesting title- No one wants read a blog with a title like The Sim Blog Full of Poop! Keep it an interesting title, so that people wanna read it, and people wanna follow it!

4. Be sure to ad your blog somewhere! If you do not ad your blog, then who knows when people known that they have a blog! Be sure to ad your blog somewhere, and people will know that they will have a blog!

3- Do not have a blog like The Mares' Nest- About 90% of The Mares' Nest are them talking smack out of good simmers! If you have a blog like that, then people will get upset at you, and may even stop reading/following your blog! So, please do not have a blog like The Mares' Nest, or else people will get mad, and they will stop folllowing/reading you! I know a bunch of people who do not read The Mares' Nest including myself, and you do not want a blog like that!

2- Keep your topics interesting- Do not post something like saying Oh, This Simmer Just Learn How To Get CC! If everyone posted that, then we will have a lot of the same topics in almost every single sim blog! You gotta keep the topics interesting! For example, post some some funny things, some weird stuff on peoples' games, or even fights!

1- Post a post EVERY DAY- If you do not post something every day, then people will wonder where the heck is that person, and may stop following you due to the fact you didn't post anything! Keep the posts coming every day! Even if it is a small post, then the readers will know where you are that! You do not wanna have a "dead" blog!

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  1. Check, Check, Check, Check, Checkaroo.

    3 more: Don't spam their inbox with your blog posts. It's annoying. Do always comment on people's comments when they comment on your posts. Lets them know you're not just being high and mighty talking about yourself. Advertise other peoples blogs. Makes them like you more. :):):):):):):)