Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #2

Soon, they all have appear in the alternate universe at separate times! However, what they didn't know is that they all came in the alternate universe as mummies! Bella has appeared in the park why she cannot feel her hair!
Soon Bella walks to mirror to look at her hair! During that time she was wondering why is she walking so slowly!
She then has looked in the mirror, and she has thought "Oh no! What happens if Sunset Valley is an actual mummy town?
She soon has got the chance to speak with another mummy!

"Excuse me," Bella said, "But can you tell me why I am a mummy?"

"Well, that is a silly question to me considering all of the people in this mummy town are mummies thanks to little old miss Avis Orsini, and her best friend Vita," the mummy said! "But...."

"Wait is Avis here in the time period" Bella asked!

"Of course she is," the mummy said! "Why would she be? The moon?"
When Bella has learned that Avis is still here, and this is actually a mummy town, Bella said in her mind "Oh no! Avis is here, and now immortal thanks to this mummy town!"

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