Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #3

6 hours after the recent events of the last update, the people who have went from the normal world to the alternate universe have went Avis Orsini's house! She lives in a different house now, so she it have become a little hard to find!
She then let them all inside! She then explains how she got her mummy town! There was no mummy law! Instead, she has won the lottery, and has gotten 1 billion dollars! She then told everyone in Sunset Valley every time someone gets mummified, then that someone will get 100,000 dollars! Everyone in Sunset Valley soon has gotten greedy, and now they are now all mummies will 100,000 dollars in their pocket! Ray then asked if they can have 100,000 dollars since they are "newly mummified"! Avis has then.....
took everyone out to dinner, and then...
The people in the alternate universe has all line up to get their money!
Then, when Mortimer has collected his money, he then has a very interesting conversion with Avis!
"You know that you have been acting really nice lately?, Mortimer said!

"They called the nicest mummy in town," Avis said!

"Well, someone told me that you were evil," Mortimer said!

"Well, that person must be joking," Avis said! "Anyways, here is your money!"

As Avis gives Mortimer his money, Mortimer said "Also, did everyone in Sunset Valley did mummified for 100,000 dollars even the rich families like the Altos, and...

"Hold on! Since when the Altos were rich? They are the poorest family in Sunset Valley! They have accepted mummification for 300,000 dollars, but that money has gotten robbed after someone did not go through mummification for the money! The robber is currently kicked out of Sunset Valley, and is now living out of the U.S.A. As of right now, Vita, Nick, and Holly...."

"Wait, isn't Holly dead?"

"No she isn't! Anyways, you are now 100,000 dollars richer! Used the money wisely!"

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