Monday, August 23, 2010

The First Day of School As A Sim

Today was my first day of school! I am gonna write my first day of school!

Note: When I say My Sim, I have meant I due to the fact I do not want to be banned if I link this blog, and EA will find it "off-topic" due to this post!

1st Period- Math- The teacher gave my sim a quiz right in like the first 20 minutes of class! My sim finds it unfair! Now she says that every day that my sim come in here, she will have a quiz for that class! Who thinks that we shouldn't have a quiz?
3rd Period (My Sims did not have 2nd, 4th, or 6th period, my sim's school are experiencing a new block schedule, which go to odd classes during one day, and even classes the next, but my sim have 5th period everyday for Lunch)- Spanish 2- My Sim only know very "few" people in that class! My Sim only know 3 people in that class, and that is it! Plus, she gave us homework on the first day back at school! Who will ever do that? Expect my sim to do a big "spanish" rant about her for that homework!
5th Period- English 4- Looks nice, but it seems like my sims's class is gonna do too much! We have 4 "projects", 3 "essays", we have to read a lot of books, and more! Plus, my sim has lunch after 5th period! My sim gets to sit down with an old "friend" of mine during lunch!
7th Period- Economics- The actual fun class until September 2nd! There will not be a teacher until September 2nd! My Sim's School did not leave any lesson plans, so my sim's class get to watched a movie! However, most of us, including my sim, was talking through the movie which the sub didn't mine! So, as of 7th period, PARTY UNTIL IT IS SEPTEMBER 2ND!

Anyways, I am gonna post how my sim does on 2nd, 4th, and 6th period tomorrow!


  1. Homework on the first day of school is not unusual, I had an essay last year, on a half day, due the next day. Ane we have block scheduling, I like it because it gives you the extra day to do all that homework

  2. rayy- i never have homework on the first day of school through grades 1-11! And now this teacher has given us homework on the first day of school which sucks to me! She is the only teacher out of all my life to give us homework!