Monday, August 23, 2010

I Need To Say This

There has been an anonymous person trolling, and spamming on the Late Night forums! He, or she has been very rude lately, and is currently breaking a lot of rules!

He has attacked one of the nicest simmers on the forums, Couriervaughen! He has 10,000 posts along with Evergreen, and Firestar!

Take a look at this post:


He, or she has then made 3 different posts commenting on his own thread! Take a look:

He is currently trolling, and spamming the late night forums!

The worst part is that he cannot be banned! However, I need you all to sign this petition:

The only way if that anonymous person is gone for good if we signed this petition!

No Forum Should Ever Have Anonymous People! Every simmer who posts here should have an account, and should of have been registor a game!

Sign this petition, and get rid of this anonymous person once and for all!

PS: Couriervaughen, if you are reading this, you are a very nice simmer, and ignore the anonymous person's comments! He is just being a troll, and trolls will have a bad ending to their forums unless they changed up their attitude!


  1. One just reported you....


  2. cooklez- who the heck reported me? was it the anonymous person?