Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 11

SimCrazy, and vidkid21 has sit down together for a private chat!

"Look, we need to be sure that your ex-girlfriend does not win any part of the 3-part competition in order to determine the winner," vidkid21 said!

"I agree with you," vidkid21 said!
Soon the houseguests were all in the garage chatting! Soon, Benjamin then said to houseguests, "vidkid21, xMiraclex37, and SimCrazy please met me all by the park in one hour!"
"Hello," Benjamin said! "You didn't expect to met me in person, did you? Anyways, we are going to egypt for the 3-part challenge!
"Welcome to Egypt," Benjamin said! "Your first competition will be begin shortly! Met me out by the graveyard in one hour!
"Houseguests, we shall begin part 1 of the challenge," Benjamin said! You shall explore the catacombs in the Mausoleum. Whoever explores the longest shall win part 1, and will guarantee a spot in part 3! If you do not win this part, then you shall compete in part 2 along with the sim who does not win this part! The competition begins now!
"Soon they are all exploring the catacombs," Benjamin said! "They do not know what is going on with the other sims in the catacombs!
"And xMiraclex37 has just become the first sim to exit the catacombs," Benjamin said! "Sorry, but you did not win part 1, xMiraclex37!
"Soon, vidkid21, or xMiraclex37 will win part 1," Benjamin said!
"Sorry, SimCrazy, you did not win part 1," Benjamin said!
"But congrats to you, vidkid21," Benjamin said! "You have won part 1!"
"Congrats on winning part one," SimCrazy said! "Now, I need to win part 2 in order to be sure my ex-girlfriend does not have a chance of winning the money, and moving onto part 3!"

"Yeah, you have to win part 3," vidkid21 said! "I hate to see that b*tch winning this show!"
"xMiraclex37, SimCrazy, you shall compete in part 2," Benjamin said! Whoever wins this part will go to part 3 with vidkid21! But be careful, if you do not win this part, you will be mummified! Now, round 3 will be a simple chess match! Whoever wins the chess match will be the winner of part 2! The competition starts now!"
"Bring this chess match on," SimCrazy said!
"Ha, I have won this chess match," SimCrazy said!

"Ugh, I hate to myself mummified!"

"Well, xMiraclex37, once we returned home, you will be mummified," Benjamin said!

As of right now, part 3 will up to! You shall vote the winner of part 3/The Last Regular Sim! In order to help you with your vote, I have presented 3 reasons why you should vote for vidkid21 to win, or SimCrazy to win!

3 reasons why vidkid21 should win:
1. She is the only woman in the house to not be mummified!
2. She has been in the bottom 2 until she has reached the final 4!
3. She has "won" the most competitions as she has catch the first fish in the 2nd challenge, finished the book first along with jps0228 in the 3rd challenge, has boughten the least cheapest item in the 4th challenge, and won part 1 in this!

3 reasons why SimCrazy should win:
1. He is the only male sim in the house to not be mummified!
2. He has not been in the bottom 2 until he have reached the final 5!
3. He has beaten Cooklez, and xMiraclex37 in two challenges before!

Now, the poll will be up shortly!

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