Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 6

"Get that ring away from me," vidkid21 said! "I do not want to be your wife just yet!"
"Ugh, how dare you reject my proposal?" jps0228 said! "You know what?
"Consider this relationship over. You reject my wedding ring, I reject your love! Say goodbye to this relationship!"
We are now live at the Last Regular Sim house! This time, the bottom 2 do not have to wear their formal wear for this occasion! Once I have announced the results, the people who are still not mummified will make it to the half-way point!"
"Cooklez, SimAsh866, one of you is about to be mummified! When I announced the results, you will only have a few moments to walk to the sarcophagus of kings, and be mummified! By a 67% vote,
SimAsh866, you are the first male sim to be mummified in the Last Regular Sim house!
"Hey, good luck to the people who haven't been mummified yet!"
*SimAsh866 gets in the sarcophagus*
And now he is in the sacrophagus!
"I missed my ex-b0yfriend so much!"
"What is wrong," Cooklez said.

"My boyfriend broke up with me," vidkid21 said!

"Why did he do that?" Cooklez said!

"Because he proposed me, and I rejected him."

"Well, why did you do that?"

"I just feel as if I was not ready to be married. It is a big commit if I said yes! I wanted to be sure I married the right man! And if I were to married my ex-boyfriend, I would want to date a few more years for us to be together!"

"Well, here is something that may makes you forget about the break-up!"
*vidkid21, and Cooklez kissed*

"You are a really great kisser, you know that right?" Cooklez said!

And now SimAsh866 has been mummified!

Also, congrats to these simmers for making it to the half-way point without being mummified:


Plus, congrats to these simmers for making it to the half-way point without being in the bottom 2:


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