Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 7

Late at Night, SimCrazy has saw vidkid21, and Cooklez kissing!
SimCrazy was really jealous then, and said "Ugh! I can't believed that I missed out on all the kissing! I am the only human in the house who have not kissed someone! Every single human in the house has kissed a guy, or kissed a girl except for me!"
Soon the houe gather around in the living room, as Benjamin tells them about their next competition!

"Hello houseguests," Benjamin said! "In just a few moments, you will all compete in the next competition! jenaben8806, SimAsh866, and AniteLife, as the mummies in the house, you guys are not able to compete in this challenge! This challenge will be 5 days long! Every day, a different contestant shall go to the consignment store, and buy the most expensive item that they got there! The consignment changes from day to day, so you may find a loud full of expensive items, or you may be unlucky, and find a bunch of cheap items in the store! Soon, after the 5 days are up, we shall see the objects you guys bought, and I shall revealed the prices to them! The good news is that you guys get to keep these items! The bad news is that if you are one of the two people who bought the two items with the least amount of price in them, then you will be in the bottom 2! Also, in order of fairness, none of you guys are not allowed to talk about anything about this competition until we revealed the prices! Does everybody get it?"

"Yes," said the houseguests!

"We are sending you guys to the consignment store in alphabetical order, so the first person to go to the Consignment Store is Cooklez!"
"Excuse me," Cooklez said, "but I will like to buy the most expensive item you have got!"

"Well," said the cashier, "that will be Master Manchu Magic Gnome worth 1,081 dollars!"

(after the 5 days are up)

"Houseguests," Benjamin said! "It is time to revealed the scores! I need you all to come to the room next to this room, and see what we got!"

"From, left to right, xMiraclex37 has bought a Little Boy Solidor Intense Holder, vidkid21 has bought the SimLire Googles, SimCrazy has bought Charisma Vol. 3 Becoming Irrestible, jps0228 has bought the Channon Tec Outlaw SE, and Cooklez has bought Master Manchu Magic Gnome," Benjamin said! "Okay, it is time to revealed the prices!"
"Excuse Me," SimCrazy said, "but I need to say something first!"
"I have a confession to you," SimCrazy said! "You are honestly the most beautiful girl on this planet! You have an awesome personalty, and I just have to do this to you:

(SimCrazy, and xMiraclex37 kiss)

"You are a good kisser," xMiraclex37, "will you become my boyfriend?"

"Yes, I love to be your boyfriend," SimCrazy said!

"Okay," Benjamin,"On with the scores."
"Cooklez, your price was 1,089!"
"jps0228, your price was 765 bucks!
"vidkid21, your price was 4,679 bucks!
"SimCrazy, your price was 509 bucks! Unfortunately, you will be in the bottom 2!
"Oh no," SimCrazy said! "I am in the bottom 2!"
"Oh No," xMiraclx37 said! "My Boyfriend is in the bottom 2!"

"xMiraclex37, you need to beat 765 bucks in order to avoid being in the bottom 2! jps0228, you need xMiraclx37 to have less than 765 bucks in order for you to avoid being in the bottom 2 as well!

"xMiraclex37," Benjamin said, "your price is....................1,379 bucks!""Which means jps0228, you are in the bottom 2," Benjamin said!

"No biggy," jps0228, "I eventually have to be in the bottom 2 sometime!"

Who will be the next person to be mummified! Vote in the poll below to find out! Until next time, this is The Last Regular Sim signing out!

PS: The comments are turned off for this post! If you like to talk about the show, go here:! , all the houseguests has earned at least 10,000 lifetime happiness points including the ones that have been mummified (which includes SimAsh886, AniteLife, and jenabenn8806)! I will asked all the houseguests if you want to used them now! Like the last time, if you find stuff that not really interests you, you can saved your SimPoints for later! I will post the rewards worth 10,000 on the thread!