Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 8

It is nighttime, every single person who is dating someone in the house are the dinner table!

"Hey," vidkid21 said! "What's up?"

"Nothing much," xMiraclex37 said! "I just got a boyfriend who is currently in the bottom 2!"

"Hey," SimCrazy said! "If I am not mummified this week, how about we have a double date?"

"Yeah," xMiraclex37, "but who knows what the fans of this show are thinking?"

"Well," SimCrazy said! "I am worth taking risks, and I think I am safe!"

"I agree to this double date," Cookiez said!

"Me too," vidkid21 said!

"So, the double date is on, only if I am not mummified this week," SimCrazy said!
"We are now live in The Last Regular Sim house," Benjamin said! "Either jps0228, or SimCrazy will be mummified! If SimCrazy is mummified, this could affect the relationship between him, and xMiraclex37! Let's give the news to the houseguests!"
"To SimCrazy, and jps0228," Benjamin said, "One of you guys will be mummified soon! Whoever is mummified will have a few moments to walk to their sarcophagus, and be mummified! By a 64% vote,
jps0228, the fans of the show has voted for you to be mummified!"
"Well, I have to say good luck to all the people in this house who are still human," jps0228 said!
*jps0228 gets in the sarcophagus*
*jps0228 is in the sacrophagus*
Soon, vidkid21, Cooklez, SimCrazy, and xMiraclex37 has begun their double date with a picnic!
"They then all played a game of foosball! They were divided into two teams! SimCrazy, and xMiraclex37 was one team! vidkid21, and Cooklez was another! Soon, vidkid21, and Cooklez won the match!
They then danced!
And then they ended the night with a little make-out section!
Meanwhile, the mummies of the house has to stay in the basement during the whole entire time!
"Until vidkid21 came to them saying the date was over!"
Soon, they came to the first floor, and SimAsh8806 said: "Well thank god that was over! It was tough that we have to stay at the basement the whole entire time!"

"I agree with you," AniteLife said!

Also, here is what jps0228 looks like as a mummy!
Also, since he sleeps alone, his room can no longer be accessed to!

Well, this the Last Regular Sim signing off!

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