Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Last Regular Sim- Episode 9

"Well, I just wanted to say good luck to you all," xMiraclex37 said! "You are gonna need it, since one of the couples are gonna mummified, and it is obvious that is gonna be your couple!

"Why is that?" vidkid21 asked!

"Because me, and my boyfriend are tried are best in the competition!"
"You b****," vidkid21 said! "Me, and my boyfriend are so gonna tried out best as well! I have never been in the bottom 2 before, and I have no plans to be in the bottom 2 ever!"

"Well, I am just saying you are gonna be in the bottom 2!

"You know what! Let's fight about it!
"Ow," said xMiraclx37! "You broke my nail!"

"You have 20 nails," vidkid21 said! "That is just one of them!"
"Ow, you hurt me," xMiraclex37 said!

"Next time do not insult the Vid Kid around this house!"
"Okay, guys, time for your next competition!," Benjamin said! "We will want you to go in a group of two! The group of two shall be decided on how did in the last challenge! The pair of two shall go to the trampoline, and jump on it for as long as you can! But be careful, whoever gets off, or falls off the trampoline first in your pair will be in the bottom 2! The first pair to come up will be the top 2 in the last competition, xMiraclex37, and vidkid21!
"vidkid21 has never been in the bottom 2," Benjamin said! "xMiraclx37 has been in the bottom 2 once, but she has survived mummification! Both of these girls have a lot in common! They both have boyfriends in the house! They both are the only two girls who are not mummified! And they both do not like each other! Let's see how this competition goes!"
"That's it," vidkid21 said! "My knees are killing me! I filled as if I am out of breathe, and I feel I cannot take it no more!"

"I am sorry, vidkid21," Benjamin said! "But you are in the bottom 2!"
"But congrats to xMiraclex37," Benjamin said! "You are guaranteed a spot in the final 3!
"Up next, Cooklez, and SimCrazy! They both have girlfriends in the house! They both have been in the bottom 2 once, but they have survived mummification! And they are competing right now!
"Sorry, but this challenge was extremely difficult for me," Cooklez said! "I give up!"
"Well, congrats to SimCrazy for jumping on there," Benjamin said! "Because you are in the bottom 3!"
"Ha, Ha" xMiraclex37! "You are in the bottom 2, I am not!"

"You know what," vidkid21 said!
"Let me punched your head out," vidkid21 said!

Who will win this fight? And who will be mummified? Find That Out in the next episode of The Last Regular Sim!
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