Sunday, August 29, 2010

Okay, here is another reason why we shouldn't anonymous posting?

There is a guy on the Late Night forums who is posting nasty nude pictures (aka The Sims 3 Forums Saboteur)!

It is nasty!

I hate it when people post as Anonymous, and it is stupid of them to post as Anonymous! The only way that people would liked to post as Anonymous is that they would liked to post on the forums, and break rules without being caught!

The Sims 3 Forums Saboteur is on the loose now! I do liked people posting as Anonymous! I certainly hoped no one would post at My 30-day countdown for Late Night as Anonymous! If so, I will be very pissed!

I have a 30-day countdown for both World Adventures, and Ambitions! Both countdowns do not have people posting as Anonymous (probably because they do not know that people can post as Anonymous at that time)!

Anyways, I have a month before I do the 30-day countdown! I certainly hope the Sims 3 Forums Saboteur does not post there!

1 comment:

  1. Im really pissed.....

    Like....REALLY pissed off at the Saboteur!

    Pardon my language *blushes*