Thursday, August 5, 2010

Okay, I just wanted to say two things!

1. Whoever keeps on clicking send link button after they filled the poll in the Last Regular Sim, please do not stop doing that! You will not know the results until the next episode of The Last Regular Sim is out no matter! I have gotten four e-mail messages of the same thing of telling me where to go to find the results! It is sick! So, please do not send clicked send e-mail to me please!

2. I have been thinking of doing a modeling competition! I have basically two ideas! One is a competition for mummies! The other one (which I think will work out better due to the fact that there are simmers without World Adventures) is a competition about Lady GaGa, where I picked a song, and the contestants have to make a picture that is about the song (for example, if the song was Just Dance, then you have to make a picture of the sim just having fun)! I shall called it Lady GaGa Modeling, and I shall do it after The Last Regular Sim!

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