Sunday, August 8, 2010

Okay, is Aarin back as Erion?

There was a thread called Ask Erion!

1. Erion, and Aarin should the same!
2. Her avatar looks like a type of avatar that aarin would have (with the glasses, and all)!
3. Ask Erion, and Ask Aarin!
4. She said she likes to create sims, lots, and stuff like that! I remember created good sims (though I do not remember much stuff from last summer too much: I only remember Lawer, Sabsy, SweetestDrug, Vera, OhEmGeeYayEggs, Taylor, Aarin, Erick, and Viet from Last Summer and that is it, I could name 50 simmers who hanged out here now rather than Last Summer, and that is it)!

I am sorry if Erion is not Aarin, but I got this funny feeling Erion may be Aarin! Sure, Aarin has been basically like dead, but there is a chance that she may be Erion!


  1. Nope, not her. She said so herself.

  2. Ahaha thats intresting. She does remind me of her with the stuff you listed. A Aarin fan?

  3. I don't think so! By looking at the avatar and siggy, I KNOW it's not her.. :p

  4. well, i guess aarin is not erion!

    well, i do pikajohn has returned to the forums (i saw him post a thread last night, and he said that he is pikajohn based on his siggy)