Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #5


Soon, Mike has got up early in the morning in order for her to talk Cleopatra, the worlds' most famous mummy thief!

Cleopatra has been swiping things ever since she was a kid! She steals things from the rich people,

and then she sells them each object, which she gets very good money for!


Soon, after Mike rang the door bell, her boyfriend/assistant came out, and said
"Are you from the government?"

Mike responded "No!"

Then, the male mummy said "Well, do you worked for the FBI, CSI, or something like that?"

Mike then said, "No!"

Soon, the boyfriend introduced his name as Dallas, and ask Mike what he wants from Cleopatra! Mike tells him that he would Cleopatra to do a spying task for him!

Soon, Mike, and Cleopatra came out to play chess, and talk to each other!

"What do you want from me?" Cleopatra asked!

"Well, I want you to do a special favor for me," Mike said! "You know Avis Orsini?"

"That little goody-two-shoes that gave me 10,000 bucks just for me to be a mummy," Cleopatra said! "Sure?"

"I want you to steal every single object in her house that you can possibly steal," Mike said!

"And what would you do in return when I steal her stuff?" Cleopatra asked!

"I will buy every single object that you have steal for her, which can give you lots of money," Mike said!

"Hmmmm... I will accept that offer," Cleopatra said! "Now, I need you to come downstairs, and sign this contract!"

"Now, I need you to sign this," Cleopatra said! "It just basically says what a normal contract basically says for this offer!"

Mike then signs it without even reading the contract! Cleopatra then said "Well, thank you for the deal! Please note you may not know of the result of this deal depending on the situation! Have a nice day!"

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