Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #7


After the day Avis have called SOPA, Vita tells her boss that she would like a promotion! Her boss then says if she gives him a motorcycle, then he will promote her!


Vita then go to the local online motorcycle store, and then she realized they all sold out of motorcycles!

Soon Cleopatra came to talk to Vita!

"Hey Vita, I heard you want a motorcycle," Cleopatra said!

"Yes, I do, but they are all sold out," Vita said!

"Well, then I think I have something for you," Cleopatra said!

"Avis rides a motorcycle! If you really want that promotion, you will have to steal that motorcycle, and give it to your boss!"

"Wait, I have to steal it from Avis Orsini," Vita said!

"Hey, it is either that, or you will have to sit around, waiting for that promotion to come up," Cleopatra said!

"Well, I do not really like Avis too much," Vita said! "We were best friends during college, but she stole my boyfriend during that time! We are now ex-best friends, and so I think I need to take revenge on her!"
And so, through the convincing of Cleopatra, Vita has stolen Avis's motorcycle!

And due to the fact Avis's house has security cameras thanks to SOPA, Vita has been caught stealing the motorcycle, and she went to jail because of that!"

How will Vita do in the jailhouse? Find out in the next update! And by the way, if you can, please post here for feedback!