Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #8


Soon Vita has went to prison! The mummy officer later showed her to her jail cell!


She soon have find out that she will be in the ceil with Haiden Moss, the winner of Sequestered Summer 12! He soon gotten mummified along with 4 other housemates!

*Note: Unlike the prisons in real life, the prisons in sims have both male and female prisoners in the same prison!

Soon, Vita begin to talk to Haiden quietly! She soon find out he was accused of killing a girl while he was only trying to protect her from some murderers! He said that Krissy, his secret showmance from his season, will tried to bail him out! Vita asked Haiden if she can be bailed out as well! He said that he can tried to persuade her to bailed her out as well!'


Soon, Krissy has called the prison in order for her to talk to Haiden!

She will tell him that she will bailed him out tomorrow! Haiden asked if he could bailed out his cellmate, Vita! Krissy agrees with that!


Then, on the next day, Krissy has given the police officer enough money to bailed out both Vita, and Haiden!


Soon, they got in the car! Soon, Krissy tells Haiden, and Vita that she is annoyed with Rachael, her enemy in the house! Brennan, who was her showmance in the house, was broken up with her because he was interested in another woman! Soon, throughout the month, she has been calling her about it, texting her about it, e-mailing her about it, and more! She said that she so wanted to kill her (but doesn't really mean it)!

Vita then thought that she hated Rachael! She then wanted to really killed her super bad! However, she was evil at first in the regular world, but then she was good after she find out Avis's plan! In the alternate universe, she was good when 6 of her friends went to the alternate universe, but she turned evil! She then tells Krissy that she would killed Rachael, and she will have to dropped her off at the diner!

Will Vita seriously killed Rachael? Find out soon next week!

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