Friday, October 29, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #10


Soon Vita, Haiden, and Krissy all went to Bridgeport in order to not get punished since it is in Canada!


However, they are not liking it because they have been rejected to almost every single club!


They are not making any friends!


And they feel lonely, missing their friends at Sunset Valley!


Then, a week has passed, and Vita sees Ray, Bridget, and Mike in the hot tub! Soon Ray says "Vita, join us in the hot tub"!


Soon, they all sat down, and talk! They said that Bella, Benjamin, and Mortimer couldn't be there because Benjamin was working on an inventor's fair project, and Bella, and Mortimer are helping Benjamin doing the final touches!

Then, Ray asked Vita "Vita, I was wondering why are you in Bridgeport?"

She told everything recent about was happening to her! After that Ray asked "Why did you killed the whole entire restaurant?" Vita said "Because I felt I needed a way to prove that I am evil!" Soon, Ray, Mike, and Bridget convinced her to be good again, and so Vita has become good again!


Soon, Mike said "I need to make a confession! I am the reason that you are in this mess, Vita! One month ago, I signed a deal with Cleopatra, making her steal almost everything from Avis's house! However, I was stupid enough that I didn't read the contract saying "This will effect a lifestyle of you, or one of your friends! I have to clear my name off that! I am sorry for the mistake I did!"

Vita did apologize saying she have did the same mistake once, but with her middle school instead when she was the president of the student council, and she signed a contract saying no field trips allowed! However, they have repealed it, and everything was good!


Soon, the 3 mummies from Sunset Valley got up! Bridget then says "Look, I have to go! We promise my husband to be there for the inventing fair!"

"Your husband?" Vita said! "Well, congrats on marrying Benjamin!"

"Thank you for congratulating me," Bridget says!

"Your welcome," Vita said!

"Look, I am gonna tell Avis the truth," Mike then says! "This morning, I heard Cleopatra is in jail for using an illegal drug! However, this does not mean that Avis should not know about it! She may not like it, but I am gonna have to tell her!"

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