Friday, October 22, 2010

I feel like crying today

Today was the toughest day of my life!

This morning my game crashed on me before it even hits the introduction video! I realized I have downloaded some bad custom tattoos! When I was removing the tattoos, something came up and make me have to uninstall and reinstall my games!

As I was reinstalling my base game, it have went to file 206, and then it would be stuck there! I was so nervous! So I watched the lady gaga episode of glee (I am big fan of glee, but an even bigger fan than Lady GaGa) to calm my nerves! Then, I completely gave up! I have tried to remove every file I could possibly remove, but nothing seems to work!

My only opinion is to ask mom to used her computer, but she says no because she wants to used her computer! However, my mom tried to tell that my parents will tried to fix it, but I am not so sure!

Anyways, I need some cheering up, please cheer me up by whatever you can do to cheer me up on the comments!

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