Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Progression Blog of a Mummy Town Summary

This is for people who want to read the alternation blog of a mummy town, but haven't the progression blog of a mummy town! because of this, I have uploaded a summary:

This woman named Avis Orsini has mummified herself! Her best friend, Vita Alto, who is the mayor of Sunset Valley, has decided to make a law saying all citizens of Sunset Valley must be a mummy! Due to this law, the teenage couple of Mortimer, and Bella must spilt up as Bella moved to Riverview, and Mortimer stay at home becoming mummified, and forming the good mummies (aka mummies who do not the mummy law)! Soon, the majority of the good mummies died when they killed Avis Orsini's finace, and Avis killed them back! However, Bella was able to resurrect Mortimer by making a deal with the grim reaper, and was able to make Mortimer human again!

Soon, Bella, and Mortimer soon hear about the prophecy! They soon learned that Avis, and Mortimer were figures of Ancient Egypt's past! Soon a merchant made a deal with Avis, saying if she make a mummy town in the future, then she will be immortal! Avis soon accepts the deal, and as it turns out, she went to the future thanks to the Egyptian Gods, but she went with Mortimer who went with her by accident! Soon, Mortimer was adopted while Avis spent time Sarcophagi for the whole town to sleep in so that they can become mummified!

Soon after they find out, Mortimer disbelieved it as he have forgotten that member since he was only 2 years old when it happened, but then after he was convinced it was true, the whole entire town realized Avis's plan, they tried to repeal the mummy town law as when Avis has put Vita, and her assistants, Ray/Bridget, into a house with a bomb in it, and send Bella and Mortimer to jail! However, in a few days, a mysterious inventor named Benjamin has bailed the teenage couple out! He, then, has helped Bridget, Vita and Ray escaped from the house along with Bella, and Mortimer!

Soon, he has revealed his plan in order to make sure the mummy town law gets repealed! He said that he will invent a time machine, make all the mummies go to the future with it, and destroyed it when it everyone is in before they have the chance to get out of the time stream!

With some surprises with the plan (like Mortimer meeting his actual parents, and almost being murdered by a lady who had a tail), they only made Avis gone to the future, and have her stuck there!

Despite that, they were able to repeal the mummy law, but did not get rid of mummies entirely as when the mummies requested too!

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