Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 new characters for the alternation blog of a mummy town

Hey, I just wanted to post 4 new characters who will play an important role in the alternation blog!

Character #1-


*Note: This is actually SR's sim! I asked him for me to used the sim, and he said yeah! I basically needed 3 vampire sims for the alternation blog, so I asked him for the third sim, so SR, you are lucky! By the way, the picture is his as well!

Liam, a sim most hated due to his stalkerish ways! However, in the end, something happens that to him most people may like!

Character #2


Created from my (abandoned) legacy, Lilicovieth was supposed to be my mummy-vampire until I find out that was impossible! So, she is a vampire, but she will be an important role in the alternation blog!

Character #2-



A pre-made sim who is consider the leader of vampires!


Professor Birch

A college professor, who is somewhat related to Mortimer!

I will put download links for all of them (except for Liam, because he is at the exchange thanks to SR)!

But for now, please download the human version of Lilicovieth right here!

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