Monday, November 29, 2010

The Alternation Blog of a Mummy Town- Update #19


The Grand Vampires all appeared at the garden yard! In the garden yard, they have saw three people! Those three people are:


Ophelia, who is the daughter of the grim reaper,


Bob, an experiment created a mad scientist who destroyed his whole entire town,


and Cleopatra, who was recently bailed out of jail by Avis Orsini who forgives her for stealing a whole bunch of objects in her house!


Soon, after Avis appears out of nowhere! Soon, she said "Hello, I gathered you all around because I need you guys to help me! 6 people named Benjamin, Ray, Bridget, Mike, Mortimer, and Bella hold the secret for stopping the mummy town! I need you all to prevent that from happening!"

"Why should I help you?" Cleopatra said! "You are the one that made me a mummy!"

"Because, I believe that all of you are mortal," Avis said! "I hold the secret to making you guys immortal! No one wants to die, so if you do my orders correctly, I will make all of you immortal!"

Soon, they all were convinced to follow Avis's commands!

"Alright, I will send all of you guys missions," Avis said! "Cleopatra, Bob, and Ophelia, your mission is to recrut new members! Beau, Liam, and Lili....."

"Lili, who is that?" Lilicoveith said!

"That's you, silly," Avis said! "I am calling you Lili from now on! Anyways, Beau, Liam, and Lili, as of right now, Ray, and Mike are dating, Benjamin, and Bridget are married, and Mortimer, and Bella are dating! I need you guys to tried to break them up no matter what it costs! Got it?"

"Got it?" Everyone said!

"Meeting dismissed!"

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