Monday, November 8, 2010

Common Mistakes People Made About Me

I just feel like posting because people have made mistakes about me! I feel like posting them for a correction!

1. People pronounced my current forum name as gag-a-mummy!
It's gagamummy! I would not advised to gag a mummy!

2. People still called me jktee!
jktee was my old name! I really perfer MummyGaGa instead of jktee! jktee is basically an old name which I NEVER used before!

3. People think I have an obsession over cows!
I DON'T have an obsession over cows! I, in fact, RARELY talk about cows! And when I do, I kinda feel awkward (There was an old Avatar Marriage Thread, where avatars get married, I definitely feel awkward, and I would prefer something like Simself Marriage, which I would feel more comfortable)! I did have a cow avatar before, BUT IT IS JUST FOR A JOKE! I do not seriously have an obsession over cows! I in fact changed my avatar to prove I am not obsessed over it! I am keep my lady gaga avatar no matter what, no complaining about having no cow avatar!

4. People don't called me Jake!
I REALLY, REALLY prefer if you guys called me Jake! I know evergreen's real name is Jake, but I have not seen him in A LONG TIME, and I actually think he left the forums! Unless he comes back, I will prefer if I were to be called Jake!

I just wanted to post this to be clear!

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