Friday, November 5, 2010

Okay, I am furious

Note: This post may hurt a person's feeling! A person who keeps on posting ads to their blog on my chatbox!

Look there is f***in' a**hole who keeps on adversing their blog onto my blog! I do not know this person on the forums, and I do not want them to be on the forums!

If you would of read the actual rules, you will see this:

2. No Spamming- This includes typing messages over, and over agai
n, and posting comments/chat messages about advertising your own blog/story/movie/upload unless you have permission to do so!

He is breaking that rule! He is just super annoying!

He is not the first person to post an ad about his/her blog! There was a girl who posted her blog on my sim school post! I deleted it, and she never come back!

However, he keeps on posting his blog after I keep deleting it!

I think you know who I am talking about, right muz
low! You are annoying little rat, and if this blog was a forum, you will be PERMA-BAN from this forum!

Now, some people, if they usually showed up for my blog, and not the break the rules, then I will allowed them to ad just for once with my permission! However, you, muzlow, have absolutely no permission to do so! Plus,

NO ONE, AND NO ONE cares about your blog! And those you do, they were forced to care!

We do not want you here! If you post your blog, again on the chat, then I will get rid of the chat for a while, and I will not tell when we will get the chat back!

In short words,


I hope that you will not be heartless, and not post your f***in' blog on there again!

You may post whatever you want to about this post, but I do not care a f*** about it!

I am sorry for my swear words in this post, but I never seen something like this!

Now, if you see Rule #5, you will see this:

5. Your names are not allowed to be Zachemc, Nashville_Kittens, aceflamago, Jarsie, or Anonymous! Adding a number to those names will be also against the rules!

They all have bad reputations on the forums! The majority of them are gone from the forums, but now, you are on the list, muzlow! I hope that EA hits you with the banhammer if you ever go on the sims 3 forums!

Now, anyone who is NOT muzlow, I hope that you will watched out for this rat!

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