Monday, November 22, 2010

Ugh, They Fixed The Results of The AMA awards

They fixed the freakin' results of the amas!

Look at this:

Lady GaGa DID win the artist of the year! They just gave it to justina just because she was here, and NOT LADY GAGA!

The People Who Voted for her are IDIOTS! And the AMAs are idiots as well!

No offense, but I HATE JUSTINA! I was over at the traitor thread (the official thread of a new realty show) ranting about how she won! And now there is NO NEED to rant, as Lady GaGa was the TRUE winner!

Trust me, pretty soon you won't ever hear me rant about her any more!

And I am NOT the only one who is hating him!

The members of Queen said "Mama, just killed the man!" They want their mothers to kill Justina!

Lady GaGa says "Justina is a monster!"

Rihanna says "Justina is in Disturbia!"

A bunch of people hate you! So, just do suicide Justina, and everyone except for those drunk teenage girls will be happy!

PS: Sims, Sims, Sims!

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