Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 13

Nocturne: Okay, we have all the votes! Whoever gots the most votes will have a few moments to talk to the houseguests, go get in the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings, and be mummified! By a 3-2 vote,

Kelly, you will be the 1st person who made it to the merge to become a mummy!

Ruby: Kelly, you revealed my secret showmance with Stephan, you broke a promise, and you are most likely playing both sides! This is what you get for doing that!

Kellan: I know I was gonna be safe, but who the heck are the 2 people who voted against me?

Grey: The reason why he have two votes is because I spoke to Mark a while back!

*Flashback on Day 35*

Grey: Mark, do you remember the fight you have with ______ on Day 31?

Mark: Yeah!

Grey: Do you want to get rid of ______ because of that?

Mark: Um, kinda!

Grey: I want to get rid of ______ instead of _____ this week as well! I want to get rid of ___, and _______ sometime in this game! And ____ says if (he/she) stays, then (he/she) will get rid of them ASAP! So, can you convinced one of your allies to vote to mummify ______ this week!

Mark: Um, I guess!

Grey: Well, I guess Mark's convincing was a failure after all!

*Day 39*

Ruby: So, honey, what do you bring me up?

Stephan: Well, it has been 39 days since we met! Most relationships don't last long for me! What I am saying is that I think I am in love with you! I want to asked you this:

Stephan: Will you marry me?

Ruby: OMG! Don't you think it is kinda too early?

Stephan: Non-sense, we are not the kind of old people who wait until years to get married!

Ruby: Well, I will gladly accept this ring, my future husband!

Ruby: I cannot wait until the wedding after this game! I am starting to plan out the wedding list right now!

Stephan: Oh look, a piece of paper! It says "Hello, Stephan! You have an opportunity to open the Room of Decisions! In The Room of Decisions, something good, and something bad will happened if you decided to enter it! As the current Head of Mummification, your current choice is this....

Enter the Room of Decisions to talk to an old friend of yours!

Remember, when something good happens, something bad will happen!

God, I feel this is gonna end up in a complete disaster, but I am gonna enter it no matter what!

Stephan: Hello!

Haley (Stephan's ex-girlfriend): Stephan, why won't you call me?

Stephan: Oh ****!

Stephan: Look, Haley, can we please not talk?

Haley: Too bad, we have to speak for one hour! You are locked in here!

Stephan: Oh lord!

Haley: So how is your girlfriend? In my opinion, she looks like a nerd!

Stephan: Hey, do not insult my girlfriend like that! She is the most beautiful person in this house! We are engaged now!

Haley: Oh yeah, I saw that in the live feeds this morning! You should of done it to me instead of "it"!


Haley: Hey, watch your language there!

*10 minutes later*

Stephan: Dang it! The other house guests are having a party right now, and I am missing out on it!
Haley: Hey, the real party is right here!

Stephan: Look, stop talking this Blah, Blah, Blah! I will never ever date you again! I am engaged with Ruby, and I am proud of it!

Haley: Oh really?

*a hour later*

Haley: Well, it is time we stop talking! I hope you called me soon! You may exit the door right now!

Stephan: Did the party just ended?

Mark: Yeah, you missed it!

Stephan: I was trapped in this room for one hour, and I can only speak to my ex-girlfriend! It was the worst hour of my life!

Morgan: That must of be terrible!

Stephan: I know!

Stephan: The worst hour of my life! I never want to relive that hour ever again!

*live on Day 40*

Nocturne: Kelly, have a seat to the right of you!

Nocturne: You made a bold move this week by revealing the secret showmance! Was it worth in the end?

Kelly: TOTALLY WORTH IT! I secretly LOVE drama!

Nocturne: Your alliance, The Fireworks, has doubted you because you spent too much time with your former alliance! If there is anything that you can tell right now, what will it be?

Kelly: They shouldn't have doubted me, but hey - this is just a game so it's all good.

Nocturne: ou gotten mummify by a 3-2 vote! ____, and ____ has voted for you to stay! Are your surprised about that?

Kelly: Nothing surprises me in this crazy game!!!!

Nocturne: Well, Kelly, you are a mummy juror! Head back into the house, and observe the other houseguests' behavior! Coming up after the break, the H.O.M competition, who will become the next Head of Mummification! Find out soon!

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Nocturne: Welcome Back! We are about to begin the next HOM challenge! Stephan, and Kelly cannot compete in this competition! This competition is called The Days of the Game! I will name a certain event that happen in the game! You must say what day it happened by buzzing in your answer! The first person who buzzes in their answer gets to say their answer! If they get it right, then they have to pick someone to be eliminated! If you they get it wrong, then they be eliminated! The last person standing will be the new Head of Mummification! The first question is What day did Kelly won her only Head of Mummification?

*Grey buzzes his answer first*

Nocturne: Grey, what is your answer?

Grey: Day 2!

Nocturne: Correcto! Who are you eliminating?

Grey: Morgan!

Nocturne: Sorry, Morgan, you have been eliminated from this competition!

Morgan: Dang it!

Nocturne: Next question, when did Summer walked out of the house?

*Grey buzzes in first*

Nocturne: Grey, say your answer!

Grey: Day 14!

Nocturne: Incorrect, it was day 15! You have been eliminated!

Grey: Dang it!

Nocturne: Next question: What day did Maxx fall into a coma?

*Ruby buzzes in first*

Ruby: Day 18!

Nocturne: Correcto! Who are you eliminating?

Ruby: Kathy!

Nocturne: Sorry, Kathy, you have been eliminated from this challenge!

Kathy: Oh well!

Nocturne: What day did the males in the merge house got makeovers?

*Mark buzzes in first*

Nocturne: What is your answer, Mark?

Mark: Day 28!

Nocturne: Day 28 is the correct answer! Who are you eliminating?

Mark: Kellan!

Nocturne: Sorry, Kellan, you have been eliminated!

Kellan: Dang it!

Nocturne: And we move on to our final round! The final question is when did Kellan got nominated for the second time this season?

*Ruby buzzes in first*

Nocturne: Ruby, please name the answer!

Ruby: Day 34!

Nocturne: Congrats, Ruby, you won your first Head of Mummification!

Ruby: YES!

*Stay tune for Episode 14*