Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 14

Ruby: Okay, who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Ruby: Oh cool! It's purple, my favorite color!

Kathy: Hey, Ruby, where is your letter?

Ruby: I just found out! It says:

Ruby: I am having the time of my life! First, I got engage, then I won Head of Mummification, and now I got a letter from a person who I really miss!

*Day 41*

Kellan: So what, should we do?

Kathy: Well, it makes perfect sense if Ruby nominates two of us! She needs to be smart in this game!

Kellan: Well, how about we convinced Kelly to give us a jury if one of us makes it to the end?

Kathy: Well, we could do that! Grey, can you do us a favor, and get Kelly here?

Kelly: What you want from me?

Kellan: Look, can you please be honest with us?

Kelly: Yeah?

Kellan: Who do you want to vote for at the end?

Kelly: I am not sure!

Kellan: Look, your former alliance started to doubt you on Day 34! Because of that, you turned into a mummy! Would you really want someone like that to win?

Kelly: Um, no!

Kathy: Then, vote for one of us at the end if we make it!

Kelly: Um, you know what, I think I will! I don't want those ******* to win, I want you guys to win!

Ruby: So who should I nominate?

Morgan: IDK!

Mark: Well, um, I think I got a suggestion!

Stephan: What?

Mark: Grey told me he is trying to get rid of the you two sitting in the bed! He was going around trying to convince other people to vote to mummify ______ in order for a better chance of getting rid of you guys!

Ruby: Seriously?

Mark: Yeah, I am serious!

Nocturne: Mark, please come to the diary room!

Mark: Aw man! Sorry, guys, but I have to go to the diary room! BBL!

Ruby: Hey Morgan, can you do us a favor?

Morgan: Yeah?

Ruby: Can you talk to Grey, and tried to confront him?

Morgan: Um, sure?

Morgan: Look, I have a question, and I want you to be completely honest with me? Are you trying to get rid of Ruby, and Stephan?

Grey: Um, yeah!

Grey: When I confessed Morgan, I have to think of a big lie quick to save my *** in this game!

Grey: Look, you have been close friends with ____! I am just gonna tell you the truth! ____ promised me (he/she) is gonna go to the final 2 with me! That is the truth! I swear on my brother that is true!

Morgan: I can't believe that my best friend in the game will go around trying to make final 2 deals to other people! I thought our alliance supposed to go to the final 4 together!

Ruby: It alright, Morgan! I will nominate that ****** bag along with ___!

Morgan: Thank you!

Ruby: This is the nominations ceremony! Once I make the nominations, these will be final, and they will not change! I have decided to nominate.....

Grey for mummification because I see you as a huge threat in this game! Sorry! I also decided to nominate.......

Mark for mummification because I need to break your alliance somehow as both of you have a huge potential to go all the way. I hope you both take this as a compliment in a way, because you're both such strong competitors. Good luck to you both!

Mark: Okay, since when did I have an alliance with Grey? The A.T.W.B.T.W. better not tell a lie about me!

Grey: I can see my lie work! If I can get people to still believe that lie by Day 45, then I will be safe on that day!

*Stay tune for Episode 15*

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