Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification- Episode 16

Stephan: Thank god, Mark is gone!

Kathy: In my opinion, Mark should be gone a long time ago! He doesn't even need to be in this house! I almost nominated in Week 3, but I decided not to at the end!

Ruby: But wait, what about the extra vote? Wasn't it supposed to be unanimous?

Kellan: Well, in my opinion, there is almost always at least one sneaky person who tried to vote for the pawn just to cause some drama!

Stephan: Yes, Mark, the celebrity who has no need to be here, is gone! I have been wondering since Day 1, why is he on the show? It is his time on the show to go!

*Day 46*

Ruby: Oh look, the Room of Decisions! Let's see what it read what it says:

This is the room of decisions e-mail! Here, your sim can enter this room to do two things: a good consequence, and a bad consequence! However, you can ultimately decide not to open it!

As Head of Mummification, this is your sim's decision to make:

Go enter a room in order to have a trip out of the house, and go backstage to a concert of one of the most famous singers of today!

Remember, when something good happens, something bad will happen!

Ruby: Well, I might as well enter! Here goes nothing!

Ruby: Congrats, you will go to Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour backstage! Please exit to the door on your left!

Kellan: Ruby has left the house for a little bit thanks to the Room of Decisions! She will be back though, and she is currently backstage at the Monster Ball Tour! However, you must suffer the punishment of her opening the Room of Decisions! We will play Lady GaGa songs throughout the house, and you must dance to them! If you don't, you cannot participate in the next H.O.M. competition!

Stephan: Ugh, I can not dance! I didn't go to my senior prom because of that!

Kathy: I better not dance to Alejandro! I hate that song, and the music video creeps me out!

*after Just Dance just came on*

Stephan: Do we seriously have dance right now?

Kellan: Yes! I am getting down with it!

Kathy: Since when do people say getting down? That was so 70s!

Kellan: But the 70s were awesome!

Stephan: Well, look at me! I am like the worst dancer ever!

Kellan: Stephan has like two left feet! I could not imagine him being in a show like Dancing with the Stars anytime soon!

Stephan: Look, if you win the HOM, I think you should nominate....

*Poker Face comes on*

Stephan: Oh this is my jam!

Morgan: Who should I nominate?

Stephan: Can't read, can't read, oh no

Morgan: Stephan, answer my question!

Stephan: Po-po-po-poker face, po-po-poker face!

Morgan: Well, I guess never know who Stephan wants me to nominate!

Kathy: Ah, it's feel good to be in the final 6!

Kellan: We have a 17% of winning the grand prize!

Kathy: I know!

*Alejandro comes on*

Kathy: God, I hate this song! Why am I dancing to this in the first place?

Kellan: Because you want to win the next Head of Mummification, don't you?

Kathy: Oh!

*When Everyone is Sleeping, Born This Way came on*

Morgan: I do not see a Battle Against Mummification Dance Troop anytime soon! Sorry!


Lady GaGa: Oh, hey, you must be Ruby from The Battle Against Mummification!

Ruby: Yes I am Ruby!

Lady GaGa: Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Ruby! Listen, I heard that are a good drummer, and my drummer called in sick today! So, I was wondering if you would like to drum for me!

Ruby: OMG, it will be a honor!

*Lady GaGa sings Speechless while playing the piano, and Ruby is on the drums*

Ruby: Playing the drums with Lady GaGa was such a rememberable moment! Words cannot describe how I felt!

Lady GaGa: Well, Ruby, it is nice knowing a little monster like you! However, I think it time for you to go!

Ruby: Yeah, I think so too!

Lady GaGa: Hope you win the 1 million dollars!

Ruby: Yeah, me too!

Nocturne: Hello, Mark! This is Day 47! Have a seat to the right of you!

Nocturne: So, Mark, you are a rich, and famous sim in United Kingdom! Why did you even sign-up for the show even thought you do not need the money?

Mark: Well this time, last year, I had a bit of a downfall! I had to go to rehab and my life didn't look to great! My friend Rob suggested I should do something from my past that is fun! I would of gone back to the 90's to tour again, but I thought going into a big brother type house would be more fun.

Nocturne: As you may know, someone made a lie saying "you made a final 2 deal with Grey"! That person was Grey! How surprised are you?

Mark: I'm pretty shocked, but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay in! I was mearly there for fun, and they were all there for the money! I'm surprised I even made it this far!

Nocturne: How you think the citizens of U.K. are gonna react when you came back to your home country as a mummy?

Mark: Well I dont think i can tour now! Poor Katy was looking forward to our tour!

Nocturne: ______ was the only one to vote to mummify Grey! Why do you think he did that?

Mark: Really? Wow. I have no clue why (he/she) did that!

Nocturne: I ask you to go back inside, and observe the other houseguests behavior! You will be part of the mummy jury, and you will have help decide the winner! Up next, the H.O.M. competition! Who will be the next Head of Mummification? Find out after this commercial break?

Nocturne: We are back live! We are currently doing the H.O.M. competition! Ruby, Kelly, and Mark are not allowed to compete! This competition is called "The 4 Rounds of Names"! You will experience 4 rounds of questions! The answers are names of the houseguests that have been mummified! In Round 1, there are 4 answers! In Round 2, there are 3 answers! In Round 3, there are 2 answers! In Round 4, there is only one answer! You will ring your buzzer one at a time! You will then give one answer to the question! If that answer is correct, then you will stay! If it is wrong, then you will be eliminated from the contestant! If everyone get their answer right, then the person who didn't ring their buzzer quick enough gets eliminated! Does everyone understands the rules?

Everyone: Yes!

Nocturne: Okay, the competition begins now! Name the first 4 contestants to be mummified on this show in order from first to last!

*Kathy buzzes in*

Nocturne: Kathy, who is the first person to become a mummy on this show?

Kathy: Linda!

Kathy: Correct, you are staying in this game! Now, someone else please buzz in!

*Grey buzzes in*

Nocturne: Grey, who is the 2nd person to become a mummy on this show?

Grey: Diamond!

Nocturne: Correct, you are staying in this game! Now, someone else please buzz in!

*Kellan buzzes in*

Nocturne: Kellan, please name the 3rd person please!

Kellan: Violet!

Nocturne: Correct! Now, someone else please buzz in!

*Morgan buzzes in*

Nocturne: Morgan, please name the 4th person please!

Morgan: Kelly!

Nocturne: Congrats to Morgan! Sorry, Stephan, you have been eliminated from this competition!

*Stephan's quiz score: 7*

*At Round 4, Kathy, and Kellan has already been eliminated, both with quiz scores of 9*

Nocturne: Final Round: Who is the only person in this game so far to be mummified by a tie-breaker vote?

*Grey buzzes in first*

Nocturne: Grey, please say the answer!

Grey: Diamond!

Nocturne: Congrats, Grey, you have now become the next Head of Mummification!

Grey: Yay!

Grey's Quiz Score: 12 (originally 9, and has 3 extra points from the incident from the last quiz)
Morgan's Quiz Score: 11

*Stay tune for Episode 17*