Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 17

*after Grey won*

Ruby: Oh ****! I definitely did not want him!

Grey: What did you just say?

Ruby: Um nothing!

Grey: Look, I heard you loud, and clear!

Ruby: Look, I know you are nominate me since you nominate me last week!

Grey: How can you freakin' assume that? That just be a personal nomination!

Ruby: Well, shut the **** up you *****!

Grey: Okay, you just did not did that!

Ruby: Yes, I did it you *****!

Grey: Okay, you are so gonna on the nominations block!

Ruby: I do not care, because me, and Stephan are gonna go to the final 2 together!

Morgan: What? I thought you are gonna go to the final 2 with me!

Ruby: Um, we need to talk about that!

Morgan: Whatever, I'm quitting the Fireworks! I will now be in the A.T.W.B.T.W. for now on!

Ruby: Dang it!

Morgan: Well, to be honest, you should get rid of Kelly, and Mark! They are on your side no matter what! And then you accused them of playing both sides, which is so wrong!

Ruby: Fine, but you know what! You are gonna regret this when Stephan goes to the final 2, and I will be giving him a mummy jury vote!

Ruby: Ugh, I let my stupid mouth get in the way as soon as Grey won Head of Mummification!

Morgan: Ugh, I am so not talking that *****, and her fiancé all week long!

Kathy: That was my exciting thing that ever in the house! I have been for like 47 days, and that was full of drama!

Grey: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Ruby: I am not coming!

Grey: Are you sure about that?

Ruby: Yes, I am sure!

Grey: God, in my opinion, Ruby is digging her own grave! She told everyone out loud she doesn't want me to win Head of Mummification, then she made Morgan join my alliance, and now she would not see my H.O.M. room!

Kathy: Hmmm..... it looks at lot like my H.O.M. room?

Morgan: Except for the fact it has some Gray stuff in certain areas!

Kellan: Oh, I found your H.O.M. letter! Read it out loud Grey!

Grey: (reads letter)
Dear Grey,
Finally you win something, on day 47! Haha, I joke of course, I'm so proud of you to actually make it to the top 5! That's an incredible feat, and you are doing a superb job! You are one step closer to the final prize, and I hope you have made a strong enough alliance to help you get there! Well, that's all I can write for now, I hope to see you soon (but not too soon!) and go kick some mummy-butt!
From, Your Creator,

*Day 48*

Kathy: Oh look, it is her!

Ruby: Whatever! I just came to get something I left at the pool!

Morgan: Whatever!


Grey: You are serious?

Kellan: Yes, I am serious!

Grey: Um, wow, Kellan, thank you for making my job much easier as Head of Mummification!

Stephan: Look, are you gonna talk to Grey?

Ruby: No!

Stephan: You should probably should!

Ruby: Look, everyone is trying to kiss Grey's *** just to be safe! I say take a stand! I can do it if you want me too! However, I feel I am just saying what they want me to say!

Stephan: Look, do you wanna be mummified?

Ruby: No, I don't!

Stephan: Then, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Ruby: Okay, I go talk to Grey!

Ruby: Look, Grey, I am sorry for what I said! I have a change of mind, and instead want to get rid of ______ if I win H.O.M. again!

Grey: Um, I don't think you will!

Ruby: Grey, I am serious! I feel as if ______ is a bigger threat than all of us!

Grey: I do not feel as if you are telling the truth!

Ruby: Look, if I could go to the final 3 with anybody, it would be you, me, and Stephan! Morgan quit on me, Kathy is just way too strong, and I am not sure what Kellan is thinking right now! So, I would go with you to final 3 with Grey!

Grey: Well, I kinda have to think if you are actually telling the truth, or not!

Ruby: God, no wonder why Grey is so quiet! Because every time he says something, it just some ********! Hopefully, he realizes that he thinks I am telling the truth, and he will not nominate me!

Grey: This is the nominations ceremony! Remember, once I made my nominations, these nominations will be final, and they will not change throughout the week! I have decided to nominate.....

Kellan for mummification because you are a very strong competitor, but I also think you are too quiet for this game! I have also decided to nominate......

Ruby for mummification, because you put me up last week, so I am returning the favor! Like you said yourself, I hope you take this as a compliment, as you are one of the strongest competitors in the house! This ceremony is adjourned!!!

Stephan: Well, I'm kinda surprised that I was not nominated, though I did heard Kellan asked to be nominated! Hopefully, I can make the very first successful blindslide on this show!

Grey: I think by next voting ceremony night, I will see ____ starting (his/her) mummification! But if ______ get mummified, then I will be completely shocked!

Kellan: Well, I asked to be nominated, and so I got nominated! However, I feel completely safe!

*Stay tune for Episode 18*

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