Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 15

Mark: Look, what alliance did I have with Grey, and why did nominate me, your own ally?

Ruby: Because you made a final 2 deal with Grey! You promised him that you will take him there!

Mark: No I didn't!

Ruby: He swore on his brother that is true!

Mark: Look, I only make one final deal, and that was you guys!

Ruby: The way you said it make you believe you are just lying!

Mark: No, I am not lying!

Ruby: Look, you makin' me feel I shouldn't trust you! I am gonna call a house meeting in order to get to the bottom of this!

Ruby: I call this house meeting to get to the bottom of this! A person has said that Mark made a final 2 deal with Grey!

Mark: That isn't true! I never made a final 2 deal with Grey!

Morgan: Look, the way you are saying that line makes it seems you are lying, and you really did make a final 2 deal with Grey!

Mark: Well, um,

Stephan: Mark, just shut the **** up! We are all here to win a lot of money! You are just here to get a ******* vacation! You do not even need the money! You are super rich, and famous! You don't even need the money! In fact, you do not need to be in this ******* show in the first! You should of just stay at U.K. from where you came from!

Morgan: Congrats, Mark, the whole entire house just went against you right now! You should get ready to be mummified on Day 45!

Grey: This is working out perfectly! The whole entire house is against Mark because of my lie!

Nocturne: We are live on Day 45! It is time to talk to the house guests! Hello, house guests!

House Guests: Hello!

Nocturne: First of all, Ruby, congrats on your engagement! *Everyone claps* Do you have any plans for the wedding?

Ruby: Yes, I am inviting you, Morgan, and a whole bunch of other people! The wedding will be at Banzai Lounge in Bridgeport! Then, we are going to France for the honeymoon!

Nocturne: Well, thank you for the invitation Ruby!

Nocturne: Now, Stephan, when you open the Room of Decisions, you were in a very awkward situation! If you could rate how awkward it is from 1-10, and why?

Stephan: 10, I never want to relive that moment again! I hated that moment so much, and my ex-girlfriend so much!

Nocturne: Now, Mark, since you are a celebrity, how much publicity would you think if you became a mummy?

Mark: Dude, I will be like King Tut, the world's most famous mummy!

Nocturne: Well, all votes has been pre-cast! Now, I want the two nominees to say possible last words before mummification, and Grey, you are up first!

Grey: Well, I don't expect to become a mummy tonight, but in case I do, I am sorry if I done anything wrong to make me a mummy, and I will miss my human life!

Nocturne: Okay, Mark, your turn!

Mark: Okay, when I hear if I get mummified, or not, I will know if you guys want to me to go to the end with you, or not for a better chance of you guys winning the game! If I get mummified, then I wished you guys good luck at a better chance of winning the game!

Nocturne: Well, as of right now, whoever gets mummified this week will have a few moments to say goodbye, and become a mummy! By a 3-1 vote,

Nocturne: Mark, you are the first male sim who made it to the merge to become a mummy!

Mark: See you later!

Mark: God, this is heavy!

*Stay tune for Episode 15*

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