Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 18

*Day 49*

Ruby: Listen, I told you I was coming after _____ not you!

Grey: I do not believe you!

Ruby: Look, I was telling the truth!

Grey: You seem kinda fishy!

Ruby: Fine, if you want to believe that was a liar, and I was just saying what you want to hear, go ahead you dumb *****! You just gonna believe that I am just a stupid ******* liar!

Grey: Well, you know what, pack your freakin' bags! Because your *** is gonna get mummified!

Ruby: Ugh, Grey is so not coming to my wedding with Stephan! He is just a stupid ***** in my opinion!

Stephan: Look, why do you seem so upset?

Ruby: Because I know I am gonna go home!

Stephan: Don't give up? I think that we should do the very first blindslide on this show on Kellan!

Ruby: Didn't people tried to blindslide Morgan on Week 2?

Stephan: Yeah, but that turn out to be a fail!

Ruby: But about the idea, Morgan won't even talk to me?

Stephan: Well, I think I got a way to convince Kathy to vote for Kellan!

Ruby: Really?

Stephan: Yeah, I can bring Kathy right up to you, and show it to you!

Stephan: Look, I have a question for you! If your alliance, the A.T.W.B.T.W., went to the final 4 together, then you will go to the final 2 with!

Kathy: Um, I Don't Know!

Stephan: Then, you have to plan ahead! Grey, and Kellan are really close together! Though Grey rarely talks, Kellan is the only person Grey can talk to about a conversion that is not about the game!

Kathy: OMG, you are right! I think Kellan has to be blindslided this week!

Kathy: From what I realized, if I do not get Kellan right now, then I may not go to the final 2!

Kathy: Look, Ruby, we are gonna blindslide Kellan this week! You will be perfectly safe this week!

Ruby: Thank You!

Kathy: Your Welcome!

Ruby: Thank you Stephan for convincing Kathy to switching her vote! In just 3 days the first blindslide will happen in this show!

Nocturne: We are live on day 52! It is time for the chat with the houseguests! Hello, houseguests!

Houseguests: Hello!

Nocturne: So, Stephan, you call yourself the world's worst dancer! Just 6 days ago, you have to dance your life away! How fun was that?

Stephan: To be honest, it was kinda fun! It kinda took away the seriousness of this game, and make it more fun!

Nocturne: Ruby, you kinda have a ball when you met Lady GaGa! Can you tell what the experience is like?

Ruby: It was amazing! I get to play the drums with her, and other stuff I never expect to do!

Nocturne: Grey, you got into a big fight with Ruby! Is there anything you want to say about that fight?

Grey: Yes, that fight was the reason why I nominated you, Ruby! Just know that if you get mummified tonight, then just remember the fight!

Nocturne: Well, all votes has been pre-casted, but before I announce the results, I will like to give any possible goodbyes, and Kellan, you are up first!

Kellan: Well, in case some crazy incident that I get mummified, I am sorry for anything I done to get me mummified, and I will have a really good thinking of my mummy jury vote!

Nocturne: Okay, your turn Ruby!

Ruby: Well, if I get mummified tonight, I will have a few people who I want to win, and a few people who I want to lose! I am not gonna say these people, but remember that!

Nocturne: Okay, it is time to announce the results! Remember whoever is mummified will only have a few moments to talk to the houseguests, and walk to the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings! By a 2-1 vote.....

Kellan, you are the second male who made it to the merge to be mummified on this show!

Kellan: What the?

Grey: Oh my lord!

Kellan: I did not expect that coming!

Stephan: Hey, you know what they say! Expect the Unexpected!

Kellan: Well, I did not expect the unexpected! Anyways, gotta go get mummified! Bye for Now!

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