Thursday, March 24, 2011

If The Sims 3 Was Real....

I have been starting to think of stuff that would happen if the Sims 3 was real! I thought of a bunch of stuff!

1. People will throw parties that requires you to wear swimwear, yet they did not have a pool!
2. People get jobs without an interview!
3. People will never have to drink water! Instead, they just need food!
4. People will live shorter!
5. We will do stuff that our "god" force us to do!
6. We will magically get, and lose objects suddenly at random times!
7. There will be boys who has girl names, and girls has boys names!
8. We may get Deja Vu from either crashing, or quitting without saving!
9. Taxis will appear out of no where in front of your house if you have no transportation!
10. People will dance to classical music on the radio as if they are in the club!
11. People will shower with clothes on, and leave their behind stinky!
12. Everyone will talk in one language even if you are in a foreign country!
13. People can float in the air while mediating!
14. Children will never become Pre-teens, instead they just go straight to their teenage years!
15. You can only access a couple of channels, instead of the 1000 channels you can watch!
16. You can get WiFi anywhere with your laptop!
17. You can't check out books at the library!
18. Every child, and teen will go to school together!
19. No shopping for clothes!
20. You will basically wear the same outfit every day!
21. You can not go in the ocean!
22. No Teen Pregnancy!
23. You will not go to jail if you start a fight!
24. People will have bikinis as their "everyday wear", and other people will be fine with that (This applies to cc users only)!
25. Vampires will be real!

Stuff parts will be cool life the WiFi anywhere, but some things aren't like living shorter! Other things will be LOL (like having bikinis as their everyday wear)!

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