Monday, March 21, 2011

Lady GaGa 5.0

You may think I am crazy for making 5 versions of Lady GaGa (technically 6 if you got my Lady GaGa sim in my studio as MummyGaGa), but I kinda want it to be perfect!

Note: You can find the 4th version of Lady GaGa right here!

It is not much different from my last Lady GaGa sim! However, I gave her Born This Way outfits, new hair, and I got rid of the Telephone hat, because I wasn't really liking it (the hat in real life is fine, but the hat in the Sims 3 wasn't all that great)!

So here are the changes from the last version:

^Her newest swimwear (An outfit from Born This Way)!

^Her New Formal Wear #1 (an outfit from Born This Way)!

All in all, it is basically those 3 changes! I hope you notice her new hair in those pictures!

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