Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Sim Haus of MummyGaGa Is Back

My original blog is back! I have decided to restore it because

1. A lot of my creations has been uploaded here, and I really need to find a way to restore them without having to upload a shit load of them!

2. I was using another blog, and I do not think a lot of you guys know about it! So, I am abandoning that blog, and now posting here for now on!

The reason why I didn't come back to The Sim Haus of MummyGaGa right away after I return was because of Muzlow! However, if he were wise enough, he would of posted a comment instead spamming my chatbox! So, now, I am starting to think he doesn't even know about this blog (He just knows about the chatbox)! So, I removed the chatbox, and I may, or may not get a new one, an anti-muzlow one!

So, this blog is back up! I will also post the list of The Battle Against Mummification episodes here!

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