Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stats= WTF?

I was looking at my blog's stats, and I saw some stuff that made like say WTF?

For example, my search keywords:

The majority of them I can understand, but I have to say WTF to two of them? When did I saynewsea frizzy female hairstyle! I never go on TSR because it is full of bad s*it! So, I do not know why is in my search keywords! And Avis answered what questions? There wasn't people going up to her asking questions everyone wants know?

Plus, the most viewed blog post was this post! And it has 0 comments! I do not see everyone talking about that post!

And one more thing:

Is Apple supposed to be on Macintosh? Apples are Macs! I am confuzzald with this!

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