Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 things I will like to do with The Sims 3

1. I will like to have an awards ceremony! It will be about writing! It have stuff like The Best Legacy, Best Realty Star, and other stuff! I think I will call the Simmers Choice Awards!

2. I will like to do a story after the last ep of The Sims 3 has been released! It will call the end of The Sims 3, and it will basically like a Game Over story for the Sims 3!

3. I will like to a mult-genre writing competition! I did have a modeling competition, but I eventually abandon it! Besides with the Sims and Modeling thread right now, I show no support for Modeling competitions! I will never create a modeling competition, or join one in the near future! However, I prefer writing competition because I am more of a writer, and I enjoy competitions!

I will like to do all 3 of these sometime after Generations!

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