Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Announcement + 30 Day Song Challenge Day 21

An announcement:

The 30-Day Countdown for Generations will appeared tonight at midnight! My countdown is a lot different than the Facebook countdown/any other countdowns! So do not go commenting saying "Oh, there is already a countdown!" Dude, that countdown is way different than me! Unless some person decided to do a countdown in my style (Which I will be VERY PISSED if someone did that), then there will not be countdown in my style!

If you are confuzzald about how I do countdowns in my style, go to my countdowns for the first three eps:

Now, a song that makes me happy!

I am happy right now, so I am post the song I am listening to right now:

It is a leaked glee song, but it seems like every single glee gets leaked!

Anyways, see you guys on midnight! For a hint of tonight's activity, please remember a post from someone from last week saying "The internet is not real"!

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