Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 22

By an unanimous vote, Morgan, sorry, but it is time for you to start your mummification!

Grey: I know that Morgan is going home! Do I like it? No! However, Morgan gave me a piece of advice that has been on my mind this morning that has been on my mind all day long!

*Earlier This Morning*

Morgan: Listen, I got two things to say to you! One, don't even try to vote for _____! You have absolutely no chance for her to become a mummy this week! Second of all, you have to win the next H.O.M. competition! If don't, you will go home next week no matter what! I gotta feeling _____ is just playing us! And plus, ____, and _______ are going to the final 2 together! That is all I have to say!

Grey: Since then, that just shock me! So, I have been studying off everything that could be on the next competition! From everything that happen since Day 1......

Grey: On Day 1, we all make introductions! Linda made her introduction just after she took a nap! Then, Diamond made his introduction, and then Kellan did!

Grey: To even houseguests looks!

Grey: Linda has some freckles in her cheeks, some forehead wrinkles! She looks as if she is the oldest person in the game even though she won't tell us her actual age!

Grey: I am gonna be ready for the H.O.M. competition no matter what it will be!

*Day 60*

Ruby: Ohhhh, the Room of Decisions! Let's read what it says:

This is the room of decisions e-mail! Here, your sim can enter this room to do two things: a good consequence, and a bad consequence! However, you can ultimately decide not to open it!

As Head of Mummification, this is your sim's decision to make:

If you like to have an early christmas, please enter the room!

Remember, when something good happens, something bad will happen!

Well, I think I am gonna open it no matter what!

Ruby: Hold on! I think I am trap in here! Help me! Wait a minute is that?

*Ding Dong*

Kathy: OMG! Is that you, Santa?

Santa: Yes, I am Santa! I am here because someone open the Room of Decisions! I heard you all made it pretty far in this game! Because of that, I shall award you guys a present if you can answer my question! But first, where is Ruby?

Ruby: I'm right here Santa! Help me!

Santa: Well, I guess she is no where to be found! Okay, my question is What is my favorite Christmas song?

Grey: Christmas Tree by Lady GaGa ft. Space Cowboy?

Santa: Nope!

Kathy: Santa Baby?

Santa: Nope!

Stephan: Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

Santa: Correct, Stephan! Here is 10,000 dollars for you! I wish you all good luck in this game! You see, I have a very busy schedule, and so I must be going! Hope you will have a very merry christmas this year!

Ruby: I can not believe I miss a chance of winning 10,000 dollars! Plus, I really wanted to see from someone else in the house!

Stephan: At first, I was like Party, Yay! But now, as I think about, I could possibly be a target for mummification, because they do not like it when people win money!

Nocturne: We are live on Day 61! Morgan, please have a seat to your right!

Nocturne: On Day 56, Stephen has told you that you were going to become a mummy this week! How did you felt in that time?

Morgan: I didn't think that I would get mummified, I mean, I'm not really that much of a competitor. I've never won a competition, so...I guess I was feeling safe.

Nocturne: 2 weeks ago, you quit the Fireworks alliance, and join alliances with the A.T.W.B.T.W. alliance! Looking back on it, did you regretted that decison?

Morgan: Looking back, I really do regret that decision. Sometimes you make wrong decisions, and it leads to something better. In this case, it hurt me.

Nocturne: Since we are so close to the end, who are you rooting for to win this season?

Morgan: I know who, but I don't want to say a name.

Nocturne: Okay, Morgan, please head back inside to observe the other houseguests! You are a mummy juror, and so you will help decide the winner! Up next, the H.O.M. competition! Who will become the 2nd most important Head of Mummification? Find out after this commercial!

Nocturne: Okay, house guests, time for the 2nd most important H.O.M. competition! The winner of this competition will be guarantee to be in final 3, which the most important H.O.M. competition will take place! Also, the winner of this competition will hold the most important nominations ceremony of the season! Not only the two nominees will be announced, but the sole person to make a sole vote to mummify someone! This competition is called Before, or After! I will ask questions concerning whether an event during the season happened before or after another event. If the answer is after, you take a step forward! If it is before, you take a step backwards! If you get that question right, you earn a point! If you get it wrong, you lose a point! The person with the most points will win! The competition begins now! On Day 1, where everyone was making introductions, Linda made her introduction (before or after) she took a little nap!

Nocturne: The correct answer was after! Both Grey, and Stephan both got a point! Kathy, sorry, but you don't get a point! Reset!

*After the competition*

Nocturne: Well, it seems like Kathy got 2 points, Stephan got 6 points, and Grey got all 9 points! Which means Grey, you won! Congrats!

Grey: Yay!

*Stay tune for episode 23*

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